Seen An Engagement Proposal In A Magazine (122/366)

"Seriously, when you're a magazine art director and the love of your life is an editor, how else is there to propose?"
~ Anonymous

So here I was, minding my own business, just flipping through the 7x7 magazine today, trying to find interesting things to do, see, or eat in San Francisco. I noticed there were a lot of ads in this magazine - and then I came across a page that looked like an ad for a jewelry designer, or a wedding fair, or something like that … but when I actually stopped and looked at it, it read, "Jennifer, will you marry me?"

There was a little note in the top left hand section of the page that made me realize this was actually not an ad:

What?! Was this for real? Someone had taken out a full page ad in this magazine to propose to his girlfriend. Was it the 7x7 Art Director? I looked it up … Art Director, Nicholas Brawley! But wait … none of the editors, although they're all women, are named Jennifer …


Oh wait, score! Contributor Jen Murphy is an editor - just not at 7x7!

What a romantic story!

But wait. I of course had to do some extra research. I really wanted to see if there was some local news story about this proposal - I mean, how different is that, taking out a full page ad in a magazine? I Googled, "Nicholas Brawley Jen Murphy" - nothing. Boo! Then I tried, "Nicholas Brawley engagement" - nothing again! Then I tried, "Jen Murphy engagement" - I got
this link for Jen Murphy and David McGoldrick! In Dublin. Ireland. So, no.  I tried, "7x7 magazine proposal, "7x7 Jennifer Marry Me," "Jennifer will you marry me magazine" … nothing!

After searching everything I could think of, I had to admit the people in this magazine were NOT the people who are involved in this proposal. Nicholas Brawley actually got married last year, and wouldn't you know it, to a woman NOT named Jennifer. Here's his
wedding website! Jen Murphy is in fact an editor at Afar Magazine - here's her page there (the site's pretty cool!) - but try as I might, I could not find out if she was married, or if she recently got engaged.

So who proposed to "Jennifer"? What Magazine Art Director and Editor share this very public, yet anonymous proposal ad?! I have no idea. I would have loved for it to be as easy as the Art Director and Editor of 7x7 magazine - what a cute story! But that's not it … and actually it's kind of neat that it's not. This proposal really is between this man and the love of his life, even though it's been published and circulated to tens of thousands of households in the Bay Area. Oh well, at least we got to see the ring! Good luck, to Jennifer and … whoever you are, out there!

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