Tried A "Blue Cheese Truffle" (107/366)

"If I had to give up cheese or chocolate, I'd give up chocolate in a heartbeat."
Amanda Peet

When I made Paleo Almond Butter Cups for Nick earlier this year, I made a visit to a cool little chocolate shop here in San Francisco that had a bunch of cool different chocolate confections that I hadn't heard of before. One thing that caught my eye in particular was their blue cheese chocolate truffles. Woah. Weird. But there's a reason someone put that together, right? Tonight, we decided to find out.

You can smell a bit of the blue cheese fragrance before you even unwrap the truffle, which made me nervous at first - kind of like when you open a container of blue cheese - you can't smell too much in the beginning, but when you fully open it, the smell sometimes just explodes out! This wasn't the case here, so I was relieved. You can't smell too much more blue cheese when you open the wrapper. We cut one of the truffles in half, to see the texture inside. The person at the chocolate store had told me they mix the blue cheese in with the chocolate truffle filling, so I don't know why, but I still expected to see some kind of chunks (eew!). Thankfully, it looked really nice - smooth, creamy and rich. The coating on the outside is some sort of nut, but I'm not sure what kind.
IMG_8633-1 (dragged) IMG_8634-1 (dragged)

Here's another close up of the filling:
Pasted Graphic 189

Beautiful, huh? And only faintly smelling of blue cheese. Still so strange sounding! We tried it. The outside texture is a nice compliment to the rich, dense, creaminess of the filling … and the actual flavor is interesting. Not too cheesy, not too chocolatey. Is that good? Or bad? I liked it.

At first I thought there was maybe not
enough blue cheese (weird!). I liked how this truffle wasn't as sweet as others. Most truffles are sickeningly sweet to me, so I'm not usually a truffle person. An interesting quality I noticed was the mustiness of the blue cheese - I think in the pairing of it with chocolate it became more smoky, which I liked, but it didn't taste as much like blue cheese as maybe a smoked mozzarella or something. All in all, I think the flavors worked well together - the chocolate didn't overpower the cheese, and vice versa … but the whole thing was a lot more mild than I expected, which I'm not sure was the goal of the chocolate maker. But if you like chocolate, and you like blue cheese, and you're not afraid to try them together, I'd definitely pick some of these up!

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