Built A Lightsaber (123/366)

"Learn about light and optics, you will …"
~ Master

When Nick and I were at Fry's the other day, we saw this neat little kit for making your own mini lightsaber. I really liked how it was a "Star Wars Science" kit - it wasn't just a toy, it was a project you built, and you could learn a little about light and optics in the process. And hello, you're left with an awesome mini light saber at the end of it, too!

The kit looked pretty cool - it even came with the filters to do four different light saber colors, plus lenses to shine a wide or a spot light instead of using the saber if you want.

Everything you need to make your own mini lightsaber!

The kit comes with batteries, which is cool - three little disk batteries that fit into the handle of the light saber. The little black button that turns the light saber on is placed beneath the handle's cooler looking push button:

The other side snaps on, and you secure them together with the light saber's base handle. Neat.

I could already feel the power of the Force. Now to unleash it!

It was pretty cool using the different lenses - first no lens, then the "beam" lens, then the "wide" lens:

And of course, it was awesome that I could choose between plain white, or four different colors.

This was a cool little kit, and it wasn't that expensive - I really like how you can change the filters and lenses, and I love that it's a Star Wars project. If you're looking for something educational and fun to do with your kids, or if you're just interested in this for yourself (I was!), I'd highly recommend picking this up! May the Force be with you.

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