Eaten Falafel (109/366)

"It’s always been a street-food staple, but never as ubiquitous and eclectic as it is now."
~ The New York Times on
Falafel in the city

Falafel is basically like a vegetarian meatball, or patty - it's usually made of ground chickpeas, and I've always seen them served in a pita. I had never really been interested in trying any falafel dish - while I know a lot of people who love falafel sandwiches, I also know a lot of people who say that a good falafel is hard to find - they're dry a lot of the time. But like I said, it's basically a vegetarian meatball … and I'm no vegetarian.

I love
shawarmas. Technically, the "shawarma" is the word for the spit that meats are cooked on, but it's also the name for the wrap that is made with said delicious, juicy meat. It's wrapped with grilled onions, tomatoes, and potatoes at Truly Mediterranean in the Mission district here, which is our absolute favorite place to get them - but tonight we got home late and were hungry. We wanted to order in, so we tried a new place that delivered. While looking at the menu, I mentioned to Nick that I had never had falafel before, and he told me I needed to try it! I ordered a falafel shawarma.

I was afraid it was going to be dry and kind of bland, but this was definitely not a dry falafel. I really liked the texture of the ground chickpeas, and the flavor was delicious! The cucumbers in this shawarma were a really great textural and flavor combination with the falafel. I really, really enjoyed it. While I probably won't be replacing my normal lamb shawarma with a falafel one anytime soon, I am really glad I was able to try and enjoy this yummy and traditional food for the first time!

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