Had Star Wars “Dark Side Roast” Coffee (21/366)

“You don’t know the power of the Dark Side!”
~ Darth Vader

If you know us, you know how crazy about Star Wars we are. Nick even works for ILM, George Lucas’s visual effects company. You know, the one that made Star Wars the awesome franchise that it is. He even made Star Wars Inspired ice cubes last year. Anyway, knowing our love for all things Star Wars, for Christmas, our friend Ryan gave us some awesome Dark Side Roast Coffee.

Nick decided we should wait for Ryan to be up for a visit before we tried the coffee, so today we finally got a chance to taste the coffee that is “commonly enjoyed by Dark Lords of the Sith while planning new Death Star construction”.

Ah, smells like Midi-chlorians.

I of course brewed this powerful roast in Nick’s Chemex (thanks, Becca & Jaclyn!) that he had just had to have thanks to brewing with one last year.

I also made some caffè crema for myself in our espresso machine. That’s a nice looking cup:

The result? Good flavor, nice body, and definitely dark. A delicious cup o’ Joe. While I have no plans to join the Dark Side, I can still enjoy the same brew Lord Vader does. Thanks, Ryan!

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