Dined at the “Six-time #1 Theme Park Restaurant in the World” (255/366)

255MythosTop“The food itself far exceeds the fare normally enjoyed by mere mortals … let alone theme park visitors.”
~ Mythos Restaurant at Universal’s Islands of Adventure


Wait, what?  There’s an award for “Number One Theme Park Restaurant in the World”?  I didn’t realize that was a thing either.  But today as we were enjoying Universal’s awesome Islands of Adventure at the tail end of our even more awesome coast to coast vacation, we saw the Mythos restaurant and their proud banner … and we had to see what the fuss was about.

The design of the restaurant is pretty spectacular – it looks like it was carved out of the giant rock formation its in, along with figures of gods and mythical creatures.  Even the details inside seem pretty epic, with bronze-like casts and other cool artistic metal pieces (this photo is just the ceiling light fixture in the main waiting area).  The huge menu attached to the wall just inside did make me pause and again question the prestige of this “Number One Restaurant” honor of theme park eateries, but upon further inspection, dishes like “Pan Seared Blackened Mahi Mahi”, “Creekstone Farms Boneless Shortribs”, and “Line Caught Sustainable Ahi Tuna Sashimi” did seem a bit nicer than your normal theme park fare.
255LightH 255MenuV

The restaurant features an open kitchen, which is always a nice touch.  But it’s even cooler that they appear to be in an alcove of the huge Mythos cave of a restaurant.

The main dining room and adjacent smaller seating areas all have the same grand scale feeling, complete with giant figure formations in the rock; and the entire place has huge picture windows everywhere with fantastic views that also let a lot of natural light in.
255DiningRoomH 255MoreSeatingV

What did I tell you about the light fixtures in here?  So cool!
255ShellLight2V 255Medusa2V

And touches to even the banisters and silverware tie everything in and make this place super fun.
255Banister2V 255Utensils2V

But how was the food?  Here are those “Creekstone Farms Boneless Shortribs” – Six-hour braised, on goat cheese polenta with root vegetables and merlot braising sauce.  Great!

“Pan Seared Blackened Mahi Mahi” – with baked plantains, cilantro butter sauce, and roasted tomato salsa.  Nicely done.

“Mythos Bistro Filet” – with mashed potatoes, truffle butter, topped with spicy fried onions.  But they actually had just run out of mashed potatoes (can you believe it?!) so they offered a sub of the delicious Risotto of the Day.  YUM.

While the plating of these dishes wasn’t *super* fantastic, it was still nice (come on, we ARE talking about a theme park restaurant still!), the food was very good, the service was great, and the prices were totally reasonable, especially considering we were inside a huge tourist attraction.  In doing research for this post, I found out that apparently when Mythos first opened, it was to be a showcase for Universal’s executive chef and the menu was much more advantageous (think “Wood-Roasted Main Lobster”), but in the past few years they’ve had to kind of bring their offerings down a notch to match with what patrons have seemingly been wanting more (not exactly fine dining, but basically a place to sit down and have normal meal service instead of most of the more casual options of the park).  All in all, I think Mythos is a great place to escape the heat and have a very nice meal – and I think it’s a pretty good value as well, especially when compared to the normal theme park fare and prices.  If you’re planning a trip to the Islands of Adventure, I’d highly recommend a visit to the Mythos restaurant.  I’ll be back!


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