Cooked with Squash Blossoms (292/366)

292SquashBlossomsTop“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.”
Jim Davis


Ha ha ha, Jim Davis (creator of Garfield and other comics) is the best.  Fitting that he mentions three delicious non-paleo (and non diet-friendly) goodies in that quote above, because – you guessed it – here comes another Paleo post!

To be fair, this one’s not *really* or totally Paleo, but it is a Paleo take on a dish with an ingredient I had never worked with before: squash blossoms!

When Nick and I were on a recent visit to the Ferry Building, a vendor with squash blossoms caught my eye, and I was intrigued.  I had never had an excuse to cook with them before, and again the INDT project gave me a reason to pick up these lovely zucchini squash blossoms.

I did a quick Internet search for squash blossom recipes and found this one that looked simple, but tasty – thanks, “Of Goats & Greens“!

Prepping the blossoms can be a little intimidating, since they’re so delicate looking, but don’t let that deter you.  Just inspect them for bugs to remove, give them a little spritz and a light rub with veggie wash if you have it, and rinse under running water.  Then gently open each blossom a bit and pinch the pistil out of each one to make room for your filling.
292BlossomsV 292InsideBlossom

I mixed together the goat cheese, garlic, and pepper, and sprinkled on some other seasonings I had handy; I used garlic paste and red pepper paste just to make things easier on myself (garlic hands aren’t my favorite thing – oh, plus I’m lazy).

For this recipe I was happy to whip out my trusty mini scoop – totally makes stuff like this (as well as cookie dough and smaller ice cream portions) super easy.  Just fill these guys up – and don’t worry if some of the petals don’t totally make it – the cheese helps everything stick back together.

After stuffing all the blossoms, I got my egg and almond flour ready (I used Honeyville brand which is awesome and available at some Costco Warehouses, but Wellbee’s is just a tad finer if you want a more delicate result), and was set to bread and fry.

A dip in the egg, a roll in the almond flour …
292EggH 292FlourV

And a quick fry in the pan to heat everything up and give the outside a nice color and crispiness.  YUM.  Cool for a bit, and chow down.
292Drain 292InsideH

These were SO good.  Yeah, they’re a little bit of work, but really, stuffing anything is.  These are definitely worth it if you want to make something a little special for guests.  Again, don’t let their delicateness intimidate you – squash blossoms are good eating!  Enjoy!


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