Watched A Midnight Showing At The Kabuki (124/366)

"In the end, it will be every man for himself …"
Tom Hiddleston as Loki, "The Avengers"

I've been to my fair share of midnight showings. It's a fun way to see a new movie before anyone else has. The crowd is usually pretty boisterous, even though the movie is at midnight, because everyone's that excited to see the show.

The thing I don't like about midnight showings though, is how you basically have to show up hours ahead of time to secure a spot in line, so you can get a good seat in the theater. I mean, what's the point of staying up super late and packing it in with a bunch of other fanatical crazies if you're going to end up with the worst seat in the house?

And that's where the newly renovated "
Sundance Cinemas" Kabuki Theater comes in. The Kabuki theater is in Japantown, and has been a movie theater since the 1960's, but in 2006 Robert Redford's Sundance Group purchased and repurposed it. Instead of just another theater, the Kabuki now prides itself on state of the art projection and sound, as well as seating and refreshment options - they have stadium seating with "loveseat" chairs so you can raise the armrests to be more comfortable, and though you can still get popcorn and a Coke, you can also get a quesadilla and a beer, or wine if that's what you're craving. And the pièce de résistance - the Kabuki now has reserved seating. That's right, when you buy your tickets, you can choose what seat you want to enjoy the movie from. Even at a midnight showing. No more waiting in line for three hours, switching with friends to use the restroom or get food. No more sitting on the floor until they let you in for the mad dash to the decent seats! No more wanting to strangle the people who have friends wait for them and then cut in line at the last second!

Tonight, we enjoyed a fabulous midnight showing of The Avengers at the Kabuki theater. But before we watched the movie, we had dinner. At around 10, we were enjoying our meal at
Tanpopo, instead of waiting in a ridiculous line.

After dinner, we headed over to the Kabuki to pick up our tickets and have a drink at the bar - we hoped it wasn't too crazy - but even if it was, we'd be in good shape to get in once they did start letting people in. The guys got some snacks. You cannot get a brick of Rice Krispy treat deliciousness, or Swedish Fish for that matter, at your normal theater.

One of the fun things Kabuki does is that along with a nice selection of beer, wine, and even bubbly, they also have show-themed cocktails. Tonight, they didn't disappoint:

It was still basically empty when we got there a little after 11pm. Score! They didn't have a Hulk cocktail, so Ryan and I asked the bartender to make a special, "very green" drink for Sean. He loved it, as you can tell.

When we finally went into the theater at midnight, we were stoked. We were watching a Midnight showing of The Avengers, and we didn't have to waste the hours before just waiting in line. How awesome is that?

This was a super fun time. The movie was phenomenal, we had a delicious dinner, and the drinks were totally fitting and fun. I try to go to the Kabuki any time I watch a movie - the tickets are a bit pricier than other theaters because of the extra amenities - but this experience was more than worth the price of admission for me!

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