Built An Edible Stadium (35/366)

"Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside."
Mark Twain

Tomorrow's the Superbowl, and even though we don't care too much about the outcome, it's a great excuse to have a get-together, which is also a great excuse for me to do something fun like this - build an edible stadium out of snack foods for people to munch on.

I found the idea for this at
HolyTaco.com, and followed their instructions *almost* to the letter, starting out with "put all your ingredients on a table and take a crappy picture of them". I thought that was pretty funny.

I constructed the
Slim Jim goalposts:

Refried beans "dirt" and guacamole "turf" was added to my field (the Holy Taco version doesn't include beans, but my stadium needed to be smaller, so I used a different pan which gave me more room for different fillings):

The goal posts were placed, and then the end zones were poured:

The lonely playing field. Time to build the stands.

I placed the field on a baking sheet so I could lift the whole thing and put the perishable items in the fridge overnight. The rest of the stadium would be built with
Twinkies and Zingers, to hold chips and snacks for dipping in the delicious playing field, and for dessert after the supply of munchies had been devoured. I started with the inside ring of snack cakes, and added pretzel sticks to hold the next tasty building material.

Nick oven-crisped some delicious bacon for me, and I weaved the strips through the pretzel sticks to create a barrier for the chips so they wouldn't rush the field.

Planning and construction of the first layers began:

Pretzel stick posts and more snack cakes later:

A few more strips of bacon to separate the crowd, and the stadium is complete! Just like with the real game, tomorrow we draw the lines, and fill it with players and fans. And then we eat them all.

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