Swum In An Infinity Pool (88/366)

"To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour ..."
William Blake

An infinity pool is a pool with an outer edge where the water is allowed to run off the side, without a lip containing it, creating a beautiful visual effect that the water extends out to the horizon. When my mom and I were in Hawaii recently, we realized that our hotel had an infinity pool … but when we went down for a swim found that it was out of order. Technicians were working on the system, and while people were still allowed in most areas of it, the "infinity edge" section wasn't filled all the way, and the illusion was not apparent at all. Boo!

I've always thought the idea of an infinity pool was really neat - and especially since the one in Hawaii was broken, I was super excited to find out that the resort we're staying in has one! Here's one view of the pool - you can see the illusion created - the people are sitting on an interior ledge at the end of the pool. Neat, huh?

This is the view from inside the pool. Here's the infinity edge, the beach and ocean beyond it … and a fearless seagull taking a drink …

Here we all are, lounging on the edge of infinity! The picture's pretty washed out, but you can see what a gorgeous view it is from this pool! It's fantastic.

And check out how our view WAS from the pool! They're hard to see, but look for the white water in the distance … those splashes are whales. So awesome.

Here are a few more views of the infinity edge illusion from later on in the day - it really creates a lovely, serene feeling - especially when the sun is setting (and there are less people at the pool!):

This pool is really nice, and I can't believe the views we've had so far. I'm totally psyched that it's just steps away from our home-away-from-home this week! We will definitely be back here for a swim soon.

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