Worked with WordPress (139/366)

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”
~ Deepak Chopra


Last year, when Nick started I’ve Never Done That, he started on iWeb, Apple‘s proprietary web design software. It was super easy to set up and publish, and he liked the way it worked … but Apple later announced it would be dropping the iWeb project, and support for it. We decided to move the site over to RapidWeaver, and there was no easy way to do it, but we had to. In fact, I manually copied and pasted the text from each of Nick’s iWeb pages into RapidWeaver entries. It took a few days, but we switched over, and things went well under the new system.

Well, a few days ago a plugin that we rely on in RapidWeaver died on me. I can publish, but I cannot save my changes. This is hilarious because I can write and post to my heart’s content still, but if my program crashes, all my changes are lost locally, and the next time I open the program, it’s going to want to write over all the new stuff I may have added or changed with the last saved version of the site. We put in a help request on a RapidWeaver forum, but haven’t gotten much help yet … so we decided it was time to move again. Ugh.

Here are some screenshots of WordPress:

Of course, I read almost every single one of the FAQs and clicked on so many links back and forth, I started getting confused as to what I’d already read and not read yet.  Getting used to the interface looks like it might be a bit tricky – it seems pretty straightforward, but of course it being completely new, there are some things I haven’t figured out yet. It’s also a little frustrating that the whole thing is web-based and therefore clicks and changes are not instantaneous like a local software package would be. But a lot of people we know who have blogs swear by WordPress, so I’ll definitely keep trucking along and learning how this works.

Wish me luck!

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