Worked with Marzipan (169/366)

“You are no Sweet Genius …”
~ Ron Ben-Israel, “Sweet Genius


One of our favorite persons in the world, after seeing some animals from the Cakepop Safari I completed a little while ago, asked me if I might consider making some special birthday cakepops for his wife, another one of our favorite persons in the world.  The designs for these would be even a little bit more complicated than the animal cakepops I had attempted earlier, especially since I really had no instructions to go on.  But this seemed like a really awesome challenge.  I was up for it.

The only thing, I realized, was that I’d probably actually have to fashion my own custom pieces as additions to the cakeball shapes I’d be using for these special cakepops.  I’d thought of using fondant or gumpaste, or even modeling chocolate, but I was in the grocery store today and saw a tube of marzipan, a sweet, delicious almond paste that is also used for making edible shapes.  Even though it’s more expensive, you can buy it in smaller amounts, and it’s a much better quality product than those other mediums.  I bought it, and decided it was time to get molding.

The marzipan comes in a little log, in a sealed foil sleeve.  The tutorials I looked at online talked about mixing food coloring into the marzipan and rolling it out, but since I didn’t need that many pieces, I didn’t want to go through that hassle.  I just ripped off a bit and started molding some disks.

The marzipan is kind of sticky, so I asked Nick to look up info on what I should use to help it not stick so much while I was working on it.  Powdered sugar does the trick!  I was able to make pieces for the designs I’m thinking of … hopefully they work.  I have to let the pieces dry for a few days before I can do too much more with them.

The marzipan was really easy to work with, thank goodness.  I’ll see how the shapes dry – I’m a little worried about the edges cracking, and not sure if the kneading step [that I skipped] was necessary or not.  Stay tuned for updates!

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