Watched the TV Show “Baggage Battles” (163/366)

“Television is a medium because anything well done is rare.”
~ Fred Allen


Oh man, I found another awesome show (you might have seen my post on Destination Truth), and I’m so excited!  We don’t normally watch reality shows (we watched Biggest Loser for a while until it got to dramatic and fake), so admittedly, there might be a bunch of other great ones, but I’m really not willing to sift through all the crappy ones (and there are A LOT) to find the good ones.

Baggage Battles is about people who bid on baggage with the contents unseen, and only after paying sometimes hundreds of dollars for these pieces, do they get to open them up and try to figure out if the bag and the stuff inside was a find … or a fail.  The baggage bidders get their treasures at all sorts of baggage auctions: Unclaimed Luggage, Police Seizures, and even US Customs.  They go all over the world, and that’s one of the interesting things about the two episodes that showed when we watched – how they deal with exchange rates, customs, and finding experts to help them evaluate the items they’ve got questions about.

The people on the show are the same in every episode: The young, big shot Mark Meyer; the slightly eccentric antique dealer Billy Leroy; and somewhat “Mom & Pop” married couple Sally and Lawrence Martin.  Each person is charismatic, and each has very likable and entertaining quirks.  It’s really fun to see them talk about their strategies when choosing a bag or parcel to bid on, and it’s hilarious hearing them talk about the other Baggage Battles people.  They all know each other, and while they’re not exactly enemies, of course they are competing – not always for the same items, but that does happen at times.

This is seriously a great show.  I heard there’s a show called “Storage Wars” that involves people bidding on unclaimed storage units, which sounds interesting too, but for some reason I really like the aspect of these smaller bundles that are hidden all over the place, that could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars … you just have to know what you’re looking for, where to look, and of course, have just a little bit of luck!

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