Watched the “2012 Official World Series Film” (341/366)

“So how do you recapture that coveted championship feeling?  By doing it again.”
Benjamin Bratt

Ah, the San Francisco Giants.  Could I love another team more?  Nah, and I wouldn’t want to – the Giants are the best team in the Universe.  In 2010, they won the first World Series for San Francisco in franchise history.  And this season, in pretty differnt but altogether just as incredible fashion, they did it all over again.

The 2010 World Series documentary was narrated by life-long Giants fan and San Francisco native Rob Schneider.  This year, the honors went to another great actor and SF-born Giants fan, Benjamin Bratt.

The movie opens with a nod to the 2010 season and team, and the Giants’ first-ever World Series victory for San Francisco.  After that banner year, we had a less than stellar season, the biggest blow being the debilitating injury to Buster Posey by a home plate collision with then Florida Marlins player Scott Cousins – and that happened all the way back in May.  Despite the huge setback, the Giants finished second in the NL West, but their dreams of a repeat were not realized.

This year, the team experienced some fantastic highs, and some devastating lows; through it all, the spirit of the 2012 Giants was strengthened and solidified.  This wasn’t the same “band of misfits” from 2010, this was a different kind of team: all united, all there for each other and for the love of the game.  A motto was formed in the clubhouse during the post season: “25 guys, 1 common goal – WIN TODAY.”  And Giants fans got to see a beautiful bond of brotherhood forged between their boys in Orange and Black.

The Giants finished 1st place in the NL West with a record of 94–68, and made history by being the first National League team to come back from a 2–0 deficit in a best-of-five series, by sweeping three games in the opponent’s park and beating the Cincinnati Reds to win the NLDS.  Fire-breathing pitcher and fan-favorite Ryan Vogelsong (of the now-famed “Rally Enchiladas) made sure of that with a magnificent comeback from a previous slump, helping us win Game 3 and turning the ensuing tide in our favor.

The team then went up against the St. Louis Cardinals and again found their backs against the wall when they fell to 3-1.  Now it was long time under-performing and unappreciated pitcher Barry Zito‘s turn – to not only keep hope alive, but inject new magic into the team – with an astonishing win to bring the series back home, where the Giants wowed nay-sayers and battled back to win the NL Championship Series in seven games.  Game 7 ended on a rainy night in San Francisco, capped off with an epic final out made by Marco Scutaro, who earlier in the series sustained a nasty tackle from Matt Holliday (poetically, the hitter of the game ending pop-up).

And when they finally made it back to the World Series to face the Detroit Tigers, they “shocked the world” by not only beating the best pitcher in baseball, Justin Verlander (with Pablo Sandoval hitting two home runs off him and totaling three homers in Game One, being only the 4th MLB player to do so in the World Series), they silenced the bats of Triple Crown winner and 2012 AL Batting Title Champion Miguel Cabrera and Home Run Derby winner Prince Fielder, and swept the Tigers in four games to win their second World Series title in three years.

Nick and I are huge Giants fans; and although season tickets are still too pricy for us, we watched almost every single game in the regular season this year, and of course every one in the post season (most of them several times).  But watching the recap of the 2012 World Series was just as magical as seeing it all for the first time, except this time we could relax and enjoy the footage – we already knew it was a happy ending.

Speaking of endings, if you get a chance to see this film, stick around for the credits.  If the film and its highlights of the remarkable victories and family bond formed by the team itself hadn’t already made you cry (it did me!) watching impersonations of “Reverend Pence” by his teammates certainly will make you shed tears of laughter.  In the words of Hunter himself, “This is what it’s all about.”

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