Watched an Airing of the Democratic National Convention (251/366)

DNC 2012 - Day 3“America, I never said this journey would be easy, and I won’t promise that now. Yes, our path is harder, but it leads to a better place.  Yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together.  We don’t turn back. We leave no one behind.  We pull each other up.  We draw strength from our victories.  And we learn from our mistakes. But we keep our eyes fixed on that distant horizon knowing that providence is with us and that we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth.”
~ President Barack Obama


Even though we’re on vacation, and had a fun day in the sun and surf (and great food and drink), tonight we all piled back into the hotel early, because we all wanted to see the airing of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  President Obama gave his acceptance speech for the Democratic party’s nomination of him to be their candidate for President of the United States for one more term, and we wanted to see it live.  I had never even watched an airing of the Democratic National Convention before, but tonight was special.

Here is a link to the transcript of his speech, and below is a video of it.  Four more years!


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