Watched a Ball Game from the Club Level (225/366)

“Adios, pelota!”
~ Jon Miller, Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcaster for the San Francisco Giants


Growing up, we used to watch Giants games at the ‘Stick.  It was cold and windy, and we bundled up for summer baseball, but that was the only way we knew it.  I still have fond memories of both Giants and Niners games there, but when AT&T Park opened (then PacBell Park), *everyone* was excited to watch the Giants play in San Francisco’s beautiful new ballpark.  Since then, we’ve been to plenty of games, but mostly we’ve sat in View Reserve (the orange section, way on top).  A few times we were lucky enough to buy tickets from people who had nice corporate season tickets from their company, and once we even got tickets from a friend from his family’s awesome Premium Field Club season tickets (the light blue section, down on the field … I know, right?!) – but throughout all these years, we’ve never sat in the Club Level.  You know the level where the broadcast booths are?  That’s the one (the light orange section, smack dab in the middle).  Low enough to see all the action, high enough so you don’t have to dodge flying bats and balls.  Ha ha ha!  Well this year, we decided to spring for a pair Nick found for a good price on StubHub.  Our first Club Level game!
ATT Seating Chart

Virgin America actually teamed up with the Giants this year and made a lot of changes to the now “Virgin America Club Level” – for starters, when you go up to Club Level, you go through the hilariously rad Virgin America jet escalator.  Love it!

At the top of the escalator, you feel very VIP walking in through the decked out Club Level hallway.

Inside – holy fancy pants – there are multiple bars on this level, serving stuff I don’t know where to get in the rest of the park.  Everything is so nice!

And … a REAL Peanut Gallery!  Yes, Charlie Brown is a Giants fan.  Because he is (and they are) AWESOME.

Along with cases full of signed bats and balls and other fantastic memorabilia, there are the newly-installed World Series pieces.  YES.  This was SO cool.

Outside, there’s even a Virgin America “Flight Deck” – with seating and tables; and another bar with beers on tap, wine, and spirits.  I believe you can even order food there!  When we were there (early) it was a bit chilly, but in the afternoon the sun comes over to this side of the park and onto this space, and it’s beautiful.  And with a build your own Bloody Mary bar, it seems perfect.  Just check out that view.

Inside, we decided to grab lunch (a beautiful pulled pork sandwich) and sit by another lovely bar with our good friend Gerald.  Just kidding.  He only stayed for a soda, then he had to go to batting practice.

While the weather was nice today, our seats were in the shade so it got a little chilly at times.  We spent some time outside, but also snagged some seats inside for a few innings at the super awesome bar by the windows – they’re almost all lined with bar space.  A seat, a great view, AND a place to put your food and drinks!  Heaven!

And even though it wasn’t that warm where we sat, the park was just gorgeous from our vantage point.

This was fantastic.  I’m not sure I can go back to the nosebleeds.  At this game, not only did we get to enjoy from the Club Level, we also got to see Hunter Pence‘s first homerun here at AT&T park (a three-run homer, no less!).  Let’s go, Giants!

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  1. Ying says:

    Plus you took me there for MY first time on that level – glorious! Thank you, thank you, thank you, but now as you say, I don’t think I can go back to any other seats. = ( Let’s see…how many months is it before Spring Training?

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