Walked a Dog (269/366)

269Dogtop“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”
Mark Twain


Tonight, we went to K & J’s house for Tuesday Night Dinner.  They’re dog-sitting their parents’ dog, Snickers, and he’s pretty crazy, so the girls figured he might not do well at our house (we have stuff all over the place, too).  While talking to K about dinner, she said we could walk over to the grocery store and figure out dinner there, and while we were at it, we could take Snickers for his evening walk.  Fun!

And then I realized I had never walked a dog before.  It seemed so funny to me -it’s so common, but I never had a dog growing up, so why would I have ever walked a dog?  Tonight, I got to walk Snickers!

This is Snickers, a Bichon Frisé, the love of K’s parents’ life (ha ha!), and a cute little bugger.  But he moves really fast, so I apologize in advance for the lack of photos of him, and the blurry ones.  Ha!  As you can see, he was super excited to go for our walk, and really doesn’t sit still for the most part, unless someone’s holding him.
269SnickersCrazyV 269SnickersWaitsH

Did I mention he was SUPER excited for our walk?  “Can we go now?  Can we go now?  Can we?  Can we?!”
You can’t see it in the photo, but he’s standing at the front door.  I can’t believe I even got him standing still for that fraction of a second to take this shot.  Ha ha ha!  He was all over the place.
269SnickersDoorH 269SnickersCloseV

We got outside, Snickers immediately got to work marking his territory.  In fact, this was what most of the walk was comprised of.  Marking territory …

Checking out the scene for more territory …
269SnickersWalk1H 269SnickersWalk2V

And marking said territory.  Repeat.

As the header photo shows, there was also some scratching here and there, but mostly we just cruised around and stopped every … oh, I’d say, half a block for him to mark some more territory.  He actually ended up out of … marking ammo, but he still went through the motions anyway.  It was hilarious, actually.  K kept telling him, “Move along, you crazy dog!  You’re not doing anything now, you know … you ran out a long time ago!”

We walked down to the store, picked up some stuff for dinner, and then headed back to K & J’s place, Snickers marking and marking along the way.  I never had to use the plastic bag we brought (yay!), so that was cool.  Phew!  Ha ha ha!  Although he’s a total ball of energy, Snickers is a pretty laid-back little dude (in his own way).  Just let him wander around a bit and do his thing, and he’s happy.  I’m glad this rascally fuzzball was the first dog I ever walked – he made it pretty easy.   Thanks to K & J for letting me take forever walking Snickers!


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  1. Ying says:

    Never walked a dog? How is this possible? Hasn’t everyone done that? Ahah! I know! This is some twisted, clever way to make me feel guilty because you couldn’t have a dog when you were growing up, right? Hahahahaha!

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