Visited the San Carlos Farmers’ Market (201/366)

“Buy quality, buy organic, buy natural, go to the farmers’ market. Immediately that’s going to increase the quality of the food you make.”
~ Chef Michael Symon


I don’t know why, but for some reason I always used to think Farmers’ Markets were pricey, novelty fairs where you could go if you wanted to buy “specialty items” that weren’t in regular grocery stores, like artisan olives or salts or obscure varieties of produce.  I also used to enjoy the convenience of going to the super market and getting whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, since the produce in those markets are shipped in from all over the place (and many times gassed on the truck ride over to give them the appearance of ripeness when they really aren’t).  It wasn’t until I watched “Food, Inc.” last year and watched “Food Fight” this year that I became more interested in frequenting more farmers’ markets, and enjoying the local, seasonal, more sustainable (and let’s face it, more delicious and way higher quality) offerings they provide.

Today, Mom wanted to visit the San Carlos Farmers’ Market and I was excited to go.  I’ve been to the Millbrae Farmers’ Market a few times, and I got to go to one of the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Markets a little while ago, but those were a bit small, and the San Carlos one is like a seasonal celebration that is supposed to be kind of a big deal – they call it “Hot Harvest Nights” – so cute.

There was of course a lot of organic produce, and family-owned and operated farms, which was great – and it was all gorgeous.  And samples, galore of course!  All the farmers want you know know how wonderful their offerings are.

Along with the beautiful produce, there were food stalls where you could get something to eat during your shopping trip.  There were also stalls to buy crafts and flowers, and there was even live music.  Something for everyone!

The San Carlos Farmers’ Market is a great one – while it’s a bummer it’s not year-round, it’s a pretty big event (it spans several blocks!) and I’m sure it’s a lot of work to put on.  If you’re in the area between May and September, you should definitely check it out.  The parking isn’t bad at all (we parked just a few blocks away), and you can easily spend the whole afternoon there, just eating and shopping – and why not?  It truly is the season’s bounty that they’re celebrating here.  You can’t get any fresher than this!

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