Visited the Lahaina Jodo Mission (309/366)

“Standing on the beach in Lahaina, as the Sun’s crimson shaft settles down past the distant isle”
~ Shinko Kishi

Tucked away down a residential street, behind the Lahaina Cannery Mall and past Old Lahaina Luau, is the Lahaina Jodo Mission.  The Lahaina Jodo Mission was founded in 1912 with the support of many Japanese immigrants, then working in the sugar and pineapple plantations of Hawaii.  In 1968, the original temple was lost in a fire, and the members of the mission decided to build a Japanese-style Buddhist temple on the property.

As you enter the space you see the temple bell, which was built in 1969 along with the Great Buddha, commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants arriving in Hawaii.

The Great Buddha sits atop a platform and is truly a peaceful and calming presence.

The pagoda and main temple were built in 1970, through contributions not only from mission members, but from the general public as well (the grounds are accessible for free to the public, and there are a few donations boxes that you can contribute to on your visit).

The Lahaina Jodo Mission is a beautiful place.  It was a hot day so we didn’t spend too much time there, but I’m glad we did get to go.  It’s a small oasis of quiet beauty, hidden away from the rest of the modern development in growing Lahaina Town.

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  1. Ying says:

    Interesting that it’s right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

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