Visited San Francisco’s Fort Point (220/366)

“Depth must be hidden. Where? On the surface.”
~ Hugo von Hofmannsthal


Today, Nick and I went for a jog from Planet Granite to Fort Point.  When I first started running, my girlfriend Jaime and I would jog along Crissy Field, and eventually we would jog from the Marina to the bridge and back.  All those times, we ran right past Fort Point, and I never even realized we could go inside.  This morning, Nick and I said we should check it out on our jog.  We did, and were delighted to see that you could not only go inside this historical site, but that there are tours, exhibitions, and there was a whole art installation there, celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge!

Another really cool thing about Fort Point is that there is no admission fee to go and explore this absolutely beautiful, richly historical site.  As we entered the courtyard, I was blown away by just the grandeur of the place and the view of the bridge.

Fort Point used to be a lookout and defense post during the Civil War.  The displays of canons and how life was like at different eras during the fort’s history are fantastic.

Some of the architecture in the fort is super cool and sometimes just absolutely beautiful, as well.

Like I said, there was an art exhibition celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge, so those pieces were at various places in the fort.  This two screen panorama of views of the bridge was so cool – and the huge view in many ways complimented the vastness of the space.

These lookouts in the stone walls once provided a view of potential danger, but now they are just such beautiful windows to the blue ocean and sky beyond.

This artistic piece was in homage to the soldiers who sacrificed so much to protect these waters and this city.

As we kept venturing up through the exhibits, we continued to be amazed at just how huge the space was, how many soldiers it had housed over the years, and how beautiful its design really was, as well.

In one room, there was an exhibit of photos of people who worked on the bridge – some super cool shots.

There was also a familiar plaque that we had actually seen when we hiked the trail at Land’s End earlier this year – it talked about all the shipwrecks in the treacherous channel where the Golden Gate Bridge was eventually built.  Many people don’t realize how dangerous even building the bridge was because of the harsh weather that can come to the mouth of the bay.

Another super awesome exhibit was the proposal for an “International Orange” commemorative souvenir store.  There were even complimentary postcards for visitors.  So cool.

There was also a very neat artistic installation on how things at the bottom of the ocean floor of the Gate might look.  This was really well done.  And that super cute model looked cool in the window there.  Heh heh.

There was also an exhibit that we were a bit leery of when we saw the plaque for it – an artist’s rendition of the fog at the bridge. But you know, they actually did a great job of it.

After seeing all the art and exhibits inside (there were more than pictured here – too much to show it all!), we went to the top of the fort and enjoyed the magnificent view – probably one that many people never even get of our beautiful and famous Golden Gate Bridge.  I still cannot believe I’ve lived here all my life and even been just outside this place so many times, and never realized what a treasure it is.

If you get a chance, come see Fort Point.  It’s awesome.

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  1. Ying says:

    I have never been there! Your pictures really highlight the architectural beauty.

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