Visited Every Shop on Disneyland’s Main Street, USA (246/366)

246MainStreetTop“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”
~ Bo Derek

Main Street, USA in Disneyland is a charming little collection of old-time looking storefronts and façades, and it’s the street everyone walks down to get to all the other lands.  But these storefronts are not just façades, there are merchandise stores, sweets shops, and even a *few* restaurants on this little strip, and hundreds of people spend massive amounts of time and money here, all day long.  It’s a huge part of Disneyland and I think they’ve done a fantastic job of making this section a truly charming slice of commercialism.  Ha!  While I’m not actually that much of a “shopper” – I have too much stuff as it is – on this trip, in the blazing heat (above 90 since we’ve gotten here) I realized, I’d never checked out all of these cool little places; in the past, I was too excited to get to the rides!  I’d walked into one or two shops before, but today I thought why not escape the heat and try to see what they all offered!

Here are shots of the storefronts and the offerings along Main Street.

“The Disney Gallery”
246DisneyGaleryV 246DisneyGaleryH

“The Mad Hatter” … guess what they sell here.
246MadHatterH 246MadHatterV

“Disney Showcase” has all sorts of costumes and accessories for little Mouseketeers
246DisneyShowcaseV 246DisneyShowcaseH
246DisneyShowcase3V 246DisneyShowcase23V 246DisneyShowcase33V

“Main Street Magic” is a cool little shop that has jokes and magic tricks, and some other rare looking items.  Neat.
246MagicInsideCoolV 246MagicInsideH

And through a doorway, its joined with “20th Century Music Company”, which has Disney albums and books of all kinds.

The theater on Main Street is a really cool spot to duck in and watch some classic Disney black and white films (for free!) – and in our case, a great place to escape the heat!
246TheaterH 246TheaterV

“Disneyana” is a great gallery of collectible quality art – there’s also an artist’s table where you can watch a Disney artist in action.  There were also these really cool, tiny dioramas with fantastic detail.
246DisneyanaV 246DisneyanaH
246DisneyanaDeskH 246DisneyanaNBCV

Next door was the “Markethouse” with lots of *pricey* treats.
246CandyShopV 246CandyShopApplesH

Disney Clothiers sells books … just checking to see if you were still reading.

Places like “Crystal Arts” and the “Silhouette Studio” sold just that – can you believe it?  Some of this stuff was pretty neat – but it’s crazy that they had shops dedicated to such niche things!
246ClothiersMiddleV 246CrystalArtsH
246CrystalArtsInsideH 246SilhouetteStoreV

The “China Closet” sells walls and walls of mugs … and the “Photo Supply Co.” is actually the place to go to see all your “Cast-taken” and ride photos.  You can also purchase lots of photography products there too like batteries, memory cards, and disposable cameras.
246ChinaClosetV 246CameraShopH
246ChinaShopMugsH 246CameraShopV

There’s also a “Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner” and the “Candy Palace” with an insane amount more sweet and super cute treats.
246CokeCornerH 246CokeCornerV
246CandyPalaceV 246CandyPalaceH
246CandyPalace13V 246CandyPalace23V 246CandyPalace33V

And if that’s not enough sugar, there’s the “Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor” – YUM.
246GibsonGirlV 246GibsonGirlH

For some real food, we stopped in at the Carnation Café, which we’d never really realized was there!  We had Fried Pickles (I had only tried these for the first time just a few months ago!) and Romaine Salad with Shrimp, Romaine, avocado, red and yellow tomatoes, bacon, and blue cheese with Ranch dressing.  And then of course, we had to try the “Main Street Cheeseburger” – an Angus Chuck patty, Tillamook Cheddar, tomato, red onion, lettuce, and house sauce on toasted brioche.  Of course the food was pricey, but everything was actually really good.
246CarnationPickles3V 246CarnationSalad3V 246CarnationBurger3V

There was still a bit more browsing to do after our lunch break, including a high-end watch shop – woah!
246JewerlyWatches3V 246JWatches3V 246JMoreWatches3V

And the “Crystal Arcade” – another kind of emporium of all things Disney.
246CrystalArcadeH 246CrystalArcadeV

There is a bit of redundancy in the vast array of offerings, but that’s okay – ha ha it gives you a chance to pick up that item that you were on the fence about a few stores back – and don’t worry, all the prices are the same (it’s really kind of all one big store anyway).  But it’s worth noting that there *are* a few items I had seen in other parts of the park that I couldn’t find in the Main Street stores, which I thought was interesting.  A little bit of a bummer, but it makes sense – if all your merchandise needs were taken care of on Main Street, you might not be as inclined to browse at the shops in the other lands!

While the façade names might not jump out at you as fitting the items inside, they do pretty much describe the bulk of the theme of each section, although they also run into each other and sometimes walking through, you don’t realize you’ve entered a different store.  The one really neat thing I discovered though, is that the stores almost all actually run into one another, and you can pretty much walk all the way down Main Street in full air conditioning!  Sometimes the adjoining corridors aren’t easily seen – you have to go all the way into the store (and to the back, through all the merchandise of course) to find them, and like I said it can get a bit confusing, but if you like to shop or at least browse, you can spend several hours just strolling the “Mainstreet Mall”.


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