Used Virgin America’s In-Flight Power Outlet (281/366)

281VAOutletTop“Knowledge is power.”
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If you know me, you know how much I love Virgin America airlines.  I was at one of their Chamber of Commerce business parties when they were lobbying to have a base out of SFO (which I was very excited about) and have been flying them ever since they started service out of the Best City in the World‘s airport.

We flew them for our Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle trips last year, and I flew them to Mexico and Los Angeles again this year.  We fly Virgin America whenever we possibly can.

At LAX, the Virgin America gates even have charge stations, so people don’t have to look high and low for outlets to charge their oh-so-essential electronics.  Love it!  Unfortunately, they’re inevitably almost always full …

Although we have been flying with Virgin America for the past five years, I did not realize until this last trip out to L.A. that they apparently have power outlets at EVERY SEAT.  Not just the Business/First Class seats – Virgin America lets their passengers plug in at every seat on the aircraft.  How awesome is THAT?!

Even though the flight isn’t that long from L.A. to San Francisco, I decided I just had to take advantage of this awesome perk the next time I got on a flight.  Today on our flight back home, I plugged in – at my seat on the plane.  And charged all my electronics while watching a Giants game.  EXCELLENT.
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I cannot stress enough how cool this is to me.  It’s so awesome that Virgin America has this convenience for their passengers.  When we got to L.A. on Friday, we had a last minute wedding issue that sent us all over town, and needed to use our phones for a lot of internet searches and map functions, and we were out all day without a car charger (oops).  At the end of the evening, we had to ration our power so our phones wouldn’t die before we got back to our hotel.  Had I known earlier about the charging station at every seat, I could have kept my phone at 100% until touchdown.  Today, I did!


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