Used ColorSplurge (195/366)

“Color television!  Bah, I won’t believe it until I see it in black and white.”
~ Samuel Goldwyn


I love free apps.  And I love photo apps.  Not all of them are great, but I recently saw one called Color Splurge that interested me.  Basically you’re supposed to be able to turn a photo black and white, and then color certain parts of it in a single hue, or “recolor” parts back to their original color state.  It’s a neat effect that’s kind of a bit more complicated to achieve in a more traditional program like Photoshop.  Today, I got a chance to test it out!

There’s a pretty cool video tutorial that explains how to use the app, and there’s a key explaining the different tools at your disposal in the app.

A while ago, when Mom and I visited the SF Flower Mart for the first time, I saw some beautiful succulents that I snapped a photo of.  Although these were such vibrant colors in real life, I felt like the photo didn’t do them justice.  I decided I’d turn that photo into a black and white and focus on just the succulents in their actual, original colors (and no retouching!).  I started by taking the original and turning it black and white.

Then, all I had to do was select the “color” tool and use my finger to paint the areas I wanted to bring the original color back to.  Here are the progressions (my apologies for the ads – I told you I like free apps) – it’s subtle, but note between the second and third picture how you can “erase” what you’ve done you’ve added in case you’ve accidentally colored a part you didn’t want to (I quickly filled in the yellow succulent, and the original color “bleeds” in at that top edge – in the third picture I’ve cleaned that area up a bit):

This was super easy – of course one of the reasons is because of the relatively smaller amount of pixel information collected by an iPhone photograph, but another reason is the ease of the touch screen display and your ability to zoom in and out with just a pinch of your fingers!  Here are the before and after photos:

Color Splurge is a great little free app – it really does help perform an effect on photos that was otherwise relatively tedious – simply, quickly, and easily right on your iPhone.  Before using Color Splurge, I’d never even attempted to produce this effect on any pictures of mine because it was such a pain.  This is awesome!

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  1. syingchew says:

    That is TOTALLY awesome!

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