Used Clipper Guards (364/366)

364clipperguardstopJustin Bieber stole my haircut.  And Axl Rose stole my dance! “
Davy Jones

Last year, Nick cut his hair after having grown it for basically all of his adult life, and donated it to charity.  It was one of his most epic posts in INDT: The Original, 2011 Edition.  When he got it all cut off, he decided he wanted to do something fun with his style, so he got sort of a faux hawk, which he eventually styled as more “Mo” and less “Faux” as it grew out.  It was very cool.

Anyway, last time he got a haircut, he felt like the top was a little shorter than he’d have liked, so he’s growing it out a bit and wants to get it reshaped.  The top is about the length he wants it now, but the sides are totally grown out.  Tonight, I decided to give him a haircut with our clippers, and some guards, to try to make it look the way he had originally wanted.

I’ve cut Nick’s hair before, but this was back when he had LONG hair and basically his “cut” consisted of super long hair on the top, and shaved sides – no guard used or anything – very simple. Since then, he’d grown everything out to one length before he chopped it all off last year, so I hadn’t even given him a cut in years; this haircut was definitely going to be more involved and a little nerve-wracking for me! No long hair to cover any potential mistakes, and a tapered or “faded” effect on the sides to have to mess with – yeesh!

Here are his “before” photos (haha thanks for posing for these, Nicky!):
364NickyBefore1V 364NickyBefore2VI started out with a 1/2 inch guard next to where he wanted his top hair longer.  This was pretty similar to how I used to cut his hair, so this wasn’t TOO scary for me to do.
364GuardV 364GuardHairH

Now, Nick had gone from all one-length hair to a pretty short *almost* faux-hawk when he first got all his hair cut off, but because his hair’s so thick, it didn’t really cooperate into the “hawk” shape as much as he’d like (it was almost closer to a flat top); and he felt maybe that style just wasn’t working for him.  This time, he wanted to go for more of an actual mohawk; with a longer, but broader middle, and faded sides that weren’t too short.  I went ahead and used the 1/2 inch guard to trim all the hair on the sides and a bit on the back.  I used my free hand to hold down the hair I wanted to keep long, and clippered away.

I did both sides this way and gained a little confidence.  Next came the trickier part: I wanted to create a “fade” so his hair was gradually longer as it went higher up into his “faux-mo-hawk.”  I needed to clean up his hairline and around his ears and to have it fade up and out to his longer 1/2 inch length.  Good thing they have a clipper guard just for that!  I busted out the Right Taper guard and trimmed from back to front.

364RightGuardV 364RightGuardShaveH

Then I used the Left Taper guard from the front to try to get some of the hairs I had missed at the first go.  I repeated this on the other side, and even used Nick’s electric razor to clean up his sideburns.  Wahoo, I’m totally a pro now (not really)!

And voila!  My first haircut using clipper guards (and trying to actually create a “style” besides a straight undercut)!

It looks a little messy here, but Nick says this is what he was actually envisioning from the beginning!  It’s a bit of a tribute to Brian Wilson.  Go, Giants!!!

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  1. nickwoo says:

    You’re even better with them now!

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