Used a Sawzall (31/366)

~ Tim Allen as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor

A “Sawzall“, or a reciprocating saw is a type of power saw that cuts with a pushing and pulling reciprocating motion of the toothed blade while the user guides the saw along the desired path.

We’re selling our 3-door freezer and 3-door refrigerator from our closed-down store, and we actually had the units in place before the walls were complete, so we realized to get these pieces out, the easiest way would be to actually cut a new doorway for them. This was fine since the new tenants are just going to gut the place anyway, and it gave me a chance to help demolish something with good reason.

Our friend Gil was at the store today for this, and I asked him if I could help with the job. Here was our weapon of choice (it’s actually cordless – the extension cord was for the shop vac we were going to use to suck up all the dust from the cutting):

We started out by finding the electrical wiring in the wall (cutting through live power lines with a metal tool is shockingly no fun at all!) – Gil traced out an area where the lines probably were (electricians generally wire lines at waist high) and used a small circular saw to cut one side of the wall so we could remove it and see what was going on behind. I got to rip the panel out. So fun.

After we knew where the electrical stuff was, we knew how far we could cut without worrying about it. I got to cut mostly everything and Gil did the points where the wires were. We took the rest of our side of the wall out, and then cut the drywall on the other side. After all that, we removed the big drywall slab from the other side, Gil did some final cutting at the base board area, and we had our doorway.

This was awesome. Now I know the basics of cutting into a solid [non load-bearing] wall. I don’t know how often I’d need to use a Sawzall, but I can’t wait to have an excuse again.

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