Used a Blendtec Blender (221/366)

“But will it blend?!”
~ Tom Dickenson, Blendtec founder


If you know us, you might know that Nick has recently begun to enjoy not only making some pretty awesome gourmet foods, but he likes specifically experimenting with recipes or techniques of his favorite chefs. While we’re normally not big on frequenting “fancy pants” restaurants, Nick does always think it’s cool when we’ve gone to a place where experimentation and creativity is a focus, and he likes to be inspired by new flavor, texture, or technique presentations.

One of the tools that chef Thomas Keller believes every good chef should have in his kitchen is a quality blender. Now, the industry kitchen standard is a Vitamix blender, but they average about $500 for just your basic unit with one jar, and right now that’s a bit pricey for us. I had been doing Internet research on the best blenders though, and the Blendtec blender also caught my eye.  Along with the insane “Will it Blend?” videos out there of founder and CEO Tom Dickenson blending all sorts of edible and non-edible items to demonstrate the Blendtec’s power, there are just great reviews from people who love their machines – many of which are former Vitamix owners.

The Blendtec is a little more affordable than the Vitamix, but people seem to love it just as much, if not more. It has blending “programs” that blend at various speeds during the cycle and at set amounts of time, which is pretty handy since you’re supposedly able to just choose a program based on what you’re making – sauce, soup, smoothies, ice cream, etc. – hit the button, and go about your other business (with a Vitamix or other blenders, you have to babysit the device).  The Blendtec is also a little nicer looking with its LED display and sealed buttons, than the Vitamix, which is a bit more “industrial” looking (the base model simply has a switch – the more expensive ones have a dial to adjust speed).  Then there was an awesome sale on a package with an extra blender jar at Costco, so we jumped on it (it’s Nick’s birthday present). Today, we got to take our new BlendTec for a spin. Wow. Pun not intended but so hilariously perfect.

The Blendtec comes with a book of recipes, which was awesome – we didn’t realize this when we bought the machine, so it was a cool bonus.

We found a recipe for “Recipe name” and thought it sounded awesome – a great example of how a good blender could combine several items – some of which you wouldn’t think you’d necessarily want to eat together – and make something delicious.  This was also a great experiment in sweetening something without refined sugar, which is something we’re really interested in since we’re trying to eat more Paleo.

Here’s the recipe:

Fudgesicle Frosty
2/3c Coconut Milk
1/4c Agave nectar (we left this out)
1/3c Cocoa powder
4 Medjool dates, pitted
1/2 Large ripe avocado, peeled and pitted
3c ice cubes

We began loading up the machine.  First the dates, then the coconut milk.  Ha, after actually *reading* more about how to properly blend things, we learned we should have put the liquid in first, and the dates (the more dense stuff) at the top so it doesn’t gum up the works while you’re trying to get everything going.

Then in went our cacao powder.  And the crowning glory, half an avocado.  Ha ha ha, this was awesome!

After using the “Sauces” blend setting as directed in the book, we checked out our sludge.  The Blendtec had pretty much decimated the mix.  We added our ice.

We went for another whirl (ha ha!), this time on the “Ice Cream” setting.  On this go ’round (ha!) we did have to scrape down the sides and pulse a few times again, but that’s because there’s hardly any liquid to keep things loose in the blender.  The result:

Our creamy, healthy, Fudgesicle Frosty dessert was SO good.  We don’t like super sweet stuff, and the dates in this recipe were just enough to sweeten everything perfectly for us.  The avocado added a rich, creamy consistency, and all the ingredients just gave this a fresh, wonderful flavor that just can’t be beat.

I am so glad we got this blender – I can’t wait to see what else we’ll whip up (come on, I HAD to!)!

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