Tried Taste Nirvana’s “Real Coconut Water” (198/366)

“Real Coconut Bliss”
~ Taste Nirvana

A few years ago, I was introduced to coconut water as Mother Nature’s Gatorade. Yes, there are drinks that hydrate better than plain water, but most of them are made in a factory, so I try to avoid those. Coconut water has electrolytes and potassium (more than a banana!), and it’s also got a bit of protein in it.

I used to drink VitaCoco – they have a lot of different flavor combinations, and I drank the one that had pineapple juice in it. I’ve also tried Zico (their Chocolate flavor is awesome – although not “classic” coconut water) and Naked brands, and all the packaged coconut waters I’ve tried didn’t taste exactly like the coconut water from a fresh young coconut (like the ones you can get at the Aloha swap meet in Hawaii, or at good Thai restaurants). I figured in the processing there was just something that changed, and that was as close to the “real” thing as you could get.

I was wrong.

Taste Nirvana coconut water tastes almost EXACTLY like what you get from a fresh young coconut. Lightly (and totally naturally) sweet, nutty, refreshing, and delicious. They have versions with or without pulp, and now I have to try the one with pulp!

If you currently drink coconut water, you need to try this. If you’ve never tried it, don’t waste your time or money trying other brands. Get Taste Nirvana. After years of trying just about everything else that has come on the market, I’ve finally found the best. This stuff is awesome!

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