Tried A “Bacon Brown Ale” (75/366)

“Uncommon beer for uncommon people”
~ Uncommon Brewers, Santa Cruz, CA

If you know me, you know I’m a fan of interesting flavors. A few new ones I’ve experienced this year:
Jan. 11 ~ Tried a Kumquat (Delicious!)
Jan. 12 ~ Attended a Scotch Tasting (Awesome.)
Jan. 15 ~ Tasted a Bacon Chocolate Bar (Pretty good! Could stand more bacon.)
Jan. 21 ~ Had Star Wars “Dark Side Roast” Coffee (Thanks, Ryan!)
Jan. 26 ~ Eaten Bibimbap (Mmm Bap)
Feb. 13 ~ Tasted a Thai Coconut Curry Chocolate Bar (Surprisingly yummy!)
Feb. 17 ~ Tried Iskiate, the Tarahumara Superfood Drink (A new staple!)
Feb. 24 ~ Tasted All the Flavors of San Francisco’s Iconic It’s-It (How could you go wrong?)
Feb. 28 ~ Tried Pei Dan (Chinese “Thousand-Year Egg) (An egg by any other name … is still an egg.)
Mar. 2 ~ Tasted Chili Pepper Ale (YUM. YES. YUM.)

When I saw this Bacon Ale at the Ferry Building while Eyebombing on Saturday, I was so excited. Bacon and beer. Two of my favorite things. Excellent.

The can had a funny design – a wild boar looking pretty happy – and I was pleased to notice that this brew was also organic.  Nice!  It has a beautiful color – rich and dark:

The verdict?  Definitely a delicious brew. Like I said, beautiful color and body; there’s also a pleasant, light sweetness in the nose and on the palate. But … I couldn’t taste the bacon! I wish the beer were smokier – I really dig smoky beers and actually  remember having a very nice, smoky beer at Strong Beer one year that I specifically picked up a bacon essence in, and that one wasn’t even described as “bacony”.  While I really did enjoy this beer, I also really did miss the bacon flavor.  I’ll have to try it again another time to see if maybe I just missed it in this batch, or maybe my taste buds weren’t working properly. In any case, I’d still say if you get a chance, pick this one up and taste for yourself.  Cheers!

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