Toured AT&T Park (227/366)

“A wise man once said, ‘every city needs that great, good place’ … and I think this is it.”
~ Jon Miller

Today is Mom’s birthday, and she’s a HUGE Giants fan, so we decided we needed to take her on a tour of the gorgeous ballpark where our beloved Giants play.

The tour groups meet in the Dugout Store right at the park.  From there, we took a stroll down the ramp …

… to the Field Club Lounge.  This is a really cool space.  The concessions here are so nice!  And there are some beautiful murals on the walls, as well.  Love it!

A short walk away is the press conference room where Boch and key players are interviewed after a game.  AWESOME!  Here, we watched a short video about the park, and then it was on to more touring.  We made sure to touch the desk before we left for good luck to the team on tonight’s game.

A KNBR radio room!  While this isn’t the broadcast booth that’s shown on TV during games (that’s up at the Club Level), it was still very cool to see.

From the Field Club level, we went up to through the Virgin America Club Level.  I didn’t take many pictures for this post here since I already wrote about the Club Level when we sat there for the first time this year!  From the Club Level, we went up to the space I *really* wanted to see – the Suite Level!

We got to check out the “All-Star Suite” – and it really was, totally sweet.  Ha ha ha!

As well as a very nice sitting area inside the suite itself and a counter/bar area, several flat screen TVs, and Giants memorabilia on the walls, each unit also has its own seats in front of the suite, so people can get closer to the action.  So cool!

Although we’ve seen plenty of the View Reserve area, we of course also went up there, to take in the whole park.  I never get to see this level this empty.  It was kinda neat.


From all the way up top, we went all the way back down, under the field.  It felt like we were in the Disney secret tunnels or something – we got to see the batting cages under the field, where the guys work on specific things, or just use when not up top.

Then we got to go out to the field.  Had we opted for the later tour, we might have been able to see some batting practice, but it was a bit too early for that.  There was, however, a small corporate event going on that was using the home dugout, so we checked out the opponent dugout instead.   We even got to see good ol’ Vida Blue stroll by (he had been taking BP with the corporate group)!  We’re so used to seeing him in a suit, we barely recognized him in his field uniform.  Hilarious!

On our way out, we saw two more of the coolest things we’d not gotten to see yet.  Just a seemingly random pipe section underground that the park decided to emblazon with the Giants’ colors and logo, and some dirt from the mount from Matt Cain’s perfect game just two months ago, almost to the day.

This tour was totally, totally awesome.  We got to see so much of this beautiful park, and some really cool behind-the-scenes areas.  Our guide was great, as well.  During the entire time, he kept us entertained with history of the team, the park, and little known facts.  He was so knowledgable – and also approchable – he answered any questions we had, as well!  We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and are totally stoked to go again sometime.  You should, too!

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  1. Ying says:

    Thanks again for taking me – it was soooo much fun! I waved to Vida and he waved back!!

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