Tasted an Açaí Spirit (92/366)

“A better way to drink.”
~ Veev

The Girls and I had an awesome five days together in Los Cabos, but now it’s back to the Best City in the World! I mentioned in my first post of our vacation to Mexico that Maddie had scored some great seats on Virgin America, but I left out the part about the seats being “Main Cabin Select”. What that means, is that we got priority boarding, have a bit more legroom, and, the pièce de résistance … complimentary movies, TV, food, and drink! Maddie, seriously, you are my hero.

Here are some of the goodies I enjoyed on the flight out – and my personal screening of “Tower Heist” – a fun movie, by the way:

During our flight to Los Cabos, Maddie tried a specialty cocktail that had Margarita mix, ginger ale, and Veev Açaí Spirit, and she loved it. I was totally intrigued – I’d never tried an Açaí spirit before (Veev’s the first one). The açaí fruit comes from a palm that is native to the Brazilian Rainforest and it’s known for not only being a “superfood” (it’s packed with anti-oxidants), but also for being very tasty. On our way back home tonight, I decided to try some Açaí Spirit.

Here were my rations for the flight home:

The Veev spirit was intriguing. It’s not only açaí liqueur, it’s also mixed with prickly pear and cherry. Also interesting is that the Veev company donates a part of the proceeds from sales of this spirit to Brazilian Rainforest Preservation.

I ordered my Veev with a club soda mixer and lime wedge. I tried the spirit neat (on its own) first, and then mixed with the water. On its own, it’s pretty sweet, but not syrupy, which I appreciated. In the mixer it was very refreshing. It’s got a nice, fresh fruit flavor. I also tried it in my sparkling wine, but I didn’t have much left so I don’t think I added enough for the flavor of the Veev to come through. I wanted to place another order and try the drink Maddie had, but it looks like Veev is pretty popular – they ran out during our flight! Overall I think it’s a great, unique spirit – I’m going to pick some up and try to recreate Maddie’s cocktail!

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