Taken a Class at iTunes U (209/366)

“Researching. Researching things online is very important. Very important.”
~ Jason Welsh


I’ve known about iTunes U for awhile now, but I never really looked at it much – something about you can watch classes of some sort – and papers from universities … or something like that.

But Nick was talking about how cool it was the other day, and I was intrigued.  What kind of “classes” were these – were they all boring, or super advanced, or just poorly put together?  I decided to check them out today, and I found out that there are actually some pretty cool things on there!  When you first search through iTunes U, there’s an opening page similar to the App Store, that shows “What’s Hot” and there’s also a way to browse through the different categories available.

I decided this was all well and good, but would they have anything I really wanted to take a class in?  I searched for “Maya” and found that, in addition to an ancient history class (on the Mayans), they did in fact have a 3D Modeling in Maya class.  Awesome!

The course is divided up into several short classes, which is great.  I’m not sure how much intensive learning I could do with having to stare at the iPhone screen for hours on end.  I watched the first class, an intro to what goes into modeling in Maya, and how doing research to help with your knowledge about a project is very important.

This first class also went over some basics on how to apply what you see elsewhere to what you’re trying to model.  This was a great intro, and I’m excited to see more!

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  1. Ying says:

    Wow…impressive, and what a great resource for teachers!

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