Steamed Coconut Milk (205/366)

“A fly does not mind dying in coconut cream.”
~ Swahili Proverb

Yesterday I visited Barefoot Coffee Roasters for the first time and had a wonderful drink called the “Voodoo” – it was “a sweet confection of dark chocolate, coconut milk and muscovado sugar over espresso” and I loved it. The coconut milk was the real standout in this drink, and I was eager to try recreating this concoction at home. I’ve added coconut milk to my coffee before, but I’d never tried steaming it just like regular milk. I’d also never actually steamed milk using the espresso maker we have (and have had for several years).

I started with some Barefoot coffee we just purchased yesterday and pulled two espresso shots.  Yum.

On to steaming the coconut milk!

Steaming coconut milk was very different to me than steaming regular milk – regular milk usually gets so foamy even when you’re not steaming at the surface – with the short wands that are usually on home espresso machines, I’ve always had problems getting all the milk heated properly – the foam starts overflowing and I have to stop steaming the milk before it’s thoroughly heated through.  Boo!

I started the steam, and began steaming the milk.  The coconut milk didn’t bubble the same way and didn’t overflow.  I actually got to thoroughly heat the milk without it overflowing.  Also, after steaming the milk, there was no gross skin left on the steaming wand, which is what usually happens (from the milk basically cooking on it).  Awesome – no cold mocha for me, and easier cleanup!

I added some cocoa powder to the espresso in my cup, and poured the second shot in.  Then in went the steamed coconut milk, and my homemade Voodoo magic was complete!

This was delicious. I really liked this – the rich flavor of the coconut milk is fantastic – and the fact that I’m able to steam it properly without it overflowing of course is awesome.  I’d write more about it, but I’ve gotta go make a coconut milk latte.

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