Spot-Cleaned with the Hoover Spinscrub (277/366)

277SpinBrushTop“Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely.”
~ P. J. O’Rourke


You know what I love about light, almond-colored carpeting?  It brightens the room up – it gives things a fresh, clean, bright feel, and if your walls are light, everything just goes together and gives you a lovely, warm, canvas to work with when placing your furniture and other decor.  Also, it makes it super easy to find spills, and for those spills, even after cleaning, to look absolutely horrible and disgusting.  Okay, so that’s the one fatal flaw to light carpeting.  I don’t love that part so much.

Well last year, Nick and I broke down and bought a Hoover Steamvac Spinscrub cleaner (very similar to the linked one, just the model numbers are different) for our carpet.  We did a cleaning of the living room carpet (though not a complete, move-all-the-furniture type) and it worked really well.  There were still some spots that needed attention, but for our first run, we were happy.  Then, secure in the knowledge that we had this great steam cleaner, we never pulled that bad boy out again … until the other day.  The weather has been gorgeous, and I figured this was as good a time as any to take advantage of the heat, and do some more carpet deep cleaning.  I re-did the living room, not moving all the furniture out, but pushing most of it into the dining room, and after the living room had dried, I moved the table out of the dining room and gave that carpet a steam treatment.

Although not totally spotless, it was pretty darn gross good.
277CarpetBefore2V 277CarpetAfter2V

I was feeling pretty satisfied with myself until I went to inspect my handiwork this morning, and saw the error of my ways:

Aack!  Okay, so that was taken after I frantically made little foil “slippers” for the legs of my buffet and wine rack – to stop the *further* spread of the wood stain onto the carpet – I thought I had stopped the cleaner far enough away from the furniture I hadn’t moved (about 6 inches away), but obviously it wasn’t enough – the water from the shampooed part of the carpet had spread out and gotten to the carpet under the furniture (making the wood stain bleed), and now I had another mess to clean up.  D’oh!  Should have done those darn foil slippers BEFORE cleaning, JUST IN CASE!

And because I was doing the lazy version of a carpet cleaning, there were a few other spots (near furniture) I had to avoid with the big cleaner as well:
277Spot1Before2V 277Spot2Before2V

Blech!  How do these stains *get* so gross?!  I imagine at least half are the kind where you blot it up as best you can, forget about it, and then dirt collects in the residue you didn’t see when you “cleaned it up” the first time.  And I’ll say the other half are from people who spill something and don’t tell me about it … you know who you are!  Ha ha ha.

Anyway, I wasn’t about to move the furniture all over the place again, and I figured I wouldn’t really be able to get to the legs of the buffet and wine rack with the big guns, so I decided to try the spiffy little *powered* spot treater hand tool on our machine (fancy!).  I had previously hoped I’d never have to use it, because it looks so nice all pristine and clean on the unit.  Why yes, I *am* slightly OCD about that kind of thing.

I had also actually avoided using the hand tool because I thought it was going to be a major pain to set up.  I used to own a “Big Green Clean Machine” by Bissell – a canister-type all-in-one vacuum and deep cleaner – a long time ago, and that thing was such a hassle, I think I used it once in the entire time I owned it.  Maybe twice.  Maybe.

Okay, the neat thing about this unit is that there are labels on everything – but look at all this hose and cord and attachment stuff.

But it actually wasn’t that bad!  Just three steps.  Okay, in the picture on the left, note the hand tool head from above (bottom left), the smooth cord/tube and plug-type connector to the right of that (just under the cord wrap that says, “cord”), and the wide hose adapter, below the picture of the back of the vacuum telling you how to wind the hose.  The hand tool clicks into the “hose” opening end of the hose …
277Parts2V 277Hose2V

On the front of the unit, there’s a little door just for it, marked clearly.  You open the little door and the plug goes right in there …
277UpholsteryDoorV 277PlugToSpinBrush

And the wide adapter end of the hose clicks into place in the clean water and solution tank.  And that’s it!  COOL.  The Spinscrub attachment works the same way, you just click that on instead of the regular “hand tool” attachment.
277ConnectToTank 277AllSet

Okay, so like I said, I’ve used one other deep carpet cleaning machine before, and that was a PAIN.  And the hand tool attachment for that was pretty much like this one – it’s a mini vacuum head attachment, with a nozzle so you can spray cleaning solution onto whatever spot you’re treating, and then it gets sucked up.  But the Spinscrub – true to its name, uses the two little spinning brushes to really scrub the carpet and get the stains out.

Here are the before and afters:
277Spot2Before2V 277Spot2After2V

It worked SO well.  I was so excited!  I’ve actually used a few other motorized spot treaters and wasn’t happy with them – so little power, and the tanks are so small, the water doesn’t stay hot enough to really clean the carpet.  I am SUPER happy with my Hoover Spinscrub.  Now I just have to schedule myself to clean the carpet more often!  But the right tools really do make any job easier.  Yes!


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