“Spiked” Juice (157/366)

“You like-a da juice, yeah? … The juice is good, ah?
~ Rob Schneider as Hub from “Hub’s Gyros“, Saturday Night Live

is a really cool site.  They have a great collection of geeky stuff as the name implies, but they also just have cool stuff like this “juice spiking” kit where you add their ingredients to a 64 bottle of store-bought juice, let it ferment, and in a few days you have your own home-made alcohol!  I did also get those bacon drink tabs I wrote about on that site too … blech … hopefully this juice turns out better.

This is a very simple kit, with supplies to make 6 batches of juice.  There are 6 little tube pouches with magic powder in them (yeast, sugar, and an emulsifier), 6 bottle labels, a rubber stopper and the airlock device, and some easy instructions.

I added the contents of the tube pouch to my juice, and watched the granules float for a bit, then sink to the bottom.  This yeast was going to have a juice diet.  Yum.  Didn’t look super appetizing to me, though … I’d have to wait a few days.

I filled the airlock to the line with water, put the cap on, then put it in the rubber stopper.  The whole assembly then went into the mouth of the juice bottle.  I even wrote on the label and stuck it on my bottle, though I didn’t have the heart to remove the original “Organic” label.  I paid extra for that!

Now, I wait.  The instructions say to leave the juice at room temperature for two days, and to check it after the second day.  As the juice ferments, it will get less sweet as the yeast consumes the sugar in the juice, the alcohol content will get higher, and the juice should be more effervescent.  I like my bubbles!

Here are some pictures from the fermentation in the days that followed this post.  I ended up having to go out of town shortly after the two-day mark, so I put the juice in the fridge, knowing the yeast activity would slow to a crawl.  When I got back into town a week later, I brought the juice out onto the counter and the yeast did get more active again.  I also learned that the juice isn’t supposed to come up into the airlock chamber.  Oops.  Next time, I’ll pour some juice out before adding the yeast and assembling the setup!

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