Set Up a Roku Streaming Device (155/366)

“Do you realize if it weren’t for Edison we’d be watching TV by candlelight?”  
Al Boliska


Have you played Diablo 3 yet?  I haven’t.  But our friend recently started playing and is really into it.  He’s so much into it in fact, that he got tired of not being able to play it on our computer while we were streaming Netflix shows to our TV with it.  So, he bought us a Roku, a box that lets you stream online content to your TV.  Score!

Tonight, we got a chance to set it up.

If you pick up one of these devices, the first thing you’ll notices is how tiny they are.  All this entertainment brought to you by this unassuming little drive.  Awesome.  Inside the box is the unit and the remote, which is bigger than the Roku itself.  Hilarious!

We plugged our HDMI Cable into the Roku, then the power.  Easy peasy.

“Setup is just a few simple steps …”

We connected to our wireless network, which was a bit more complicated than connecting with a computer, as the Roku setup required the router ID, and not just a username and password; but it wasn’t too big a deal.  There was an update, so we did that (very simple as well), and then we “activated” the Roku by entering a system-generated code into our computer on the Roku registration site.  Then, we were in business!

The Roku is a great little device.  While you can stream different things using different game consoles, it’s nice to have the Roku, which allows you to stream a wider variety of feeds, and the simplicity of the unit makes it easier and faster to get your streaming on as opposed to navigating several menus with the other devices.  Thanks, R, for our awesome Roku!

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