Scored a Baseball Game with Game Changer (301/366)

301scoredwgamechangertop “Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”
~ Daniel Bell


Let’s GO, Giants!!!

A few days ago, I scored a baseball game for the very first time.  It was interesting and fun, but a bit stressful and headache-inducing – not at all because it wasn’t enjoyable, but because there is so much to know and apply when scoring a game with paper and pencil.  For people who have been doing it for a long time, I know it becomes second nature – like knowing shorthand or basically, another language – but for a first-timer like me, it was pretty crazy!  It was a funny experience; on one hand, I felt like I was able to retain more information about exactly what happened (since I had written ALL of it down), which was great, but at the same time I felt like I wasn’t able to be as “present” in the exciting moments of the game, since I was so focused on getting the records right.

I wondered if there might be an easier, (and maybe more “techie,” because I’m a geek) way to score a game, and it turned out there was: an app called GameChanger, which I downloaded promptly and got to explore a bit the other day.  It seemed really robust, fun to play around with, and extremely useful for record keeping.  Awesome!  If you have kids in little league or play in a league yourself, I’d highly recommend it!

Well today is the third game in the 2012 World Series (woohoo!) between my beloved San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers, and after a one-game break, I’m ready to try scoring another game.  Since scoring Game 1 on paper was super cool but also pretty stressful, I wanted to give GameChanger a try this time.

I added players to my roster when I set up GameChanger as I played around with it for the first time the other day.  Today, I just had to activate players for my roster for the game.  Tonight, Vogey is pitching but since we’re playing in Detroit (in an American League ballpark), our pitcher doesn’t get an at-bat (boo!) and needs a Designated Hitter, which will be Hector Sanchez.  I added him and then easily slipped him into the 8th spot in the lineup (love the functionality of this app!):

301addplayerv1 301addplayerv2 301addplayerv3


If Sanchez had already been in my roster, making him the DH would have been as easy as clicking on his name from my list.  In the pre-game lineup setup, you just click on your activated players’ names to change their info.  So easy!  Especially since you can set up as much info as you can beforehand (like players on the bench) instead of having to write it all feverishly when you get the final lineup just before the game.  This kind of thing made it way easier for me to set up the Detroit lineup, especially since I’m not as familiar with them as my boys (but of course, have been way more familiar with them in the past few weeks … LOL).


301dhgiantsv1 301dhgiantsv2 301dhgiantsv3


I love how GameChanger makes use and functions really streamlined and simple.  Here, I’m just checking out what I can do with this upcoming game tonight – if there are any changes in the lineups, I just click on “Roster & Lineups”, and make whatever changes I need.  And I love all the options you have to choose from for your scoring in the Settings section.  I can make this as simple or as complex as I’d like!

301gcfunctionv1 301gcfunctionv3 301gcfunctionv2


Here I’ve added Delmon Young to the bench (without a position), because I know he’s going to be the DH for Anibal Sanchez, the Tigers’ starting pitcher.  It’s so easy to designate him here – I just click on A. Sanchez in my activated player roster (lower down on the screen so not shown there), click “Set DH,” and select D. Young.  SO easy.  I am seriously loving this app!

301dh1v 301dh2v 301dh3v


And here we go!  First up to bat is Angel, and GameChanger shows me my pertinent info and the players on the field.  The first inning was relatively uneventful which was good for my newbie scoring, but look how easy it is to keep track!  After you’ve recorded three outs, GameChanger prompts you to switch to the bottom half of the inning, and gives you a recap of what you’ve recorded, plus who’s due up to bat next.  Very helpful since you can also cancel out if you realize you’ve made a mistake; you can then go back and change your errors and resume.  So cool!

3011stinning1v 3011stinning2v 3011stinning3v


GameChanger even takes the info you’ve provided and produces a play-by-play and box score sheet for you.  This is SO awesome.  If you’re interested in scoring on paper, this can really help you learn the system and symbols, too!

301boxscorev1 301boxscorev2


Alright, the second inning saw some action!  Hunter Pence led off with a walk and stole second base, then got to third on a wild pitch; THEN Gregor Blanco hit a triple!  Giants – 1!  Even with the quickness of GameChanger, I was still reeling from the excitement and catching up with my taps and swipes, when Brandon Crawford singled and brought Blanco home too!  I was glad to be using GameChanger this time and was almost able to keep up before having to switch to the second half of the inning (ha!):

301secondinning1v 301secondinning2v 301secondinning3v


The Tigers weren’t able to get anything going in the bottom half of the second inning, and neither team made much noise in the Third, which gave me a chance to feel like I was settling in with the score keeping.  At the bottom of the Fourth, I checked out our box score page.  Oh man, seeing it all filled in for me (and getting to re-associate the symbols with what had taken place in the game – even though there wasn’t much action) was so cool:

301thru41v 301thru42v 301thru43v


Through the Fifth and Sixth both teams’ pitchers were just dealing – no one was able to get any hits!  But in the bottom of the sixth, Vogey started to get tired, and his relief was none other than Big Time Timmy Jim!  I got to do a(n AWESOME) pitcher change!  Go Vogey!  Go Timmy!  Go GIANTS!!!

301timmysub1v 301timmysub2v 301timmysub3v


Timmy kept the Tigers scoreless (and hitless!) for two solid innings and Sergio came in to finish them off in the Ninth – wahoo!  Game 3 in the bag!  GameChanger prompts you and gives you options in case you need to continue into extra innings (we didn’t!) or make any changes.  I really appreciate how streamlined and helpful this app is.

 301endgame1v  301endgame2v 301endgame3v


That darn ESPN ScoreCenter!  Still faster than me!  Ha!  I just had to select my Winning (Go, Vogey!), Losing, and Save pitchers.  GameChanger also puts all the pitchers each team has used together for you so you can select easily without having to try to remember who may have pitched (not that I’d have any trouble here!  Everyone was strong and just freaking GIANT tonight.

301final1v 301final2v 301final3v


And my first GameChanger-scored game is in the books!  This was SO much fun.  I’m glad there wasn’t too much insanity for my first try at scoring with this app, and of course the Giants’ WIN makes this another fantastic game to be recording!  I’ve REALLY enjoyed my experience with GameChanger; if baseball, softball, or basketball is in your life, check it out!


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