Sat in AT&T Park’s Worst Seats (261/366)

261WorstSeatsTop“Best place to sit if you don’t mind a few too many “What’s the matter with (fill-in-the-blank-opposing-outfielder)? He’s a bum!” chants, head to the bleachers.”
~ Bay Area Sports Guy


Nick and I have loved our Giants since … well, since before we can remember.  But when we were kids, our Home Games were at Candlestick Park, so … our parents didn’t take us as much as they might have at a less formidable (read: freezing) arena.  If you don’t know about Candlestick, look it up.  It was the cold, windy, wonderful ballpark (and rite of passage) of *true* Giants and Niners fans.  But when AT&T Park was built and opened in 2000 (originally named Pacific Bell Park), all loving jokes aside, every Giants fan rejoiced.

With breathtaking views of the bay, and a smaller, cozier capacity (around 40,000 vs. around 60,000 at the ‘Stick), AT&T Park is one of the most gorgeous ballparks in the country, and especially compared to stadiums with larger capacities (which mean seats farther away from the field), our park really doesn’t have any *terrible* seats.  Most of them are pretty darn awesome (like Club Level, which I also got to sit in for the first time this year!).

But of course, there’s a first time for everything (thank goodness, for the sake of this blog, huh?!), and today we had the very interesting experience of sitting in AT&T Park’s worst seats.  We purchased these tickets at a discount as part of our registration package for the Giant Race (which we ran yesterday), and didn’t know what section we’d be in until we got the tickets in the mail.  To be honest, we were kinda shocked at how bad these seats were for people who had supported the Giant Race by running for a good cause!

Alright, section 336!  Alllllll the way at the end (past that railing is a 20 foot drop to the bleachers section).  And up [higher] we go – View Reserve, Baby!
261AllTheWayOver2V 261NickInSeats2V

To get a better idea of where we are, here’s a seating map.  Green section 336 – the little section all the way on the right, at the bottom of all those green numbered boxes.  This is basically the highest and farthest away you can be from the action.  Ha ha ha!

And here are those bleachers I was telling you about (this picture was taken later, after the game).  It actually is a pretty neat view of this area of the ballpark, but this view doesn’t really change (or matter!) – we want to see the field!

Speaking of which, here’s a video of the view from our seats – that’s Buster on the right and MadBum on the left, playing some warmup catch.  The video’s a bit long, but it’s pretty cool seeing how far they distance themselves from each other with every throw – and ha ha ha yes, though there’s a foul pole right in the middle, it doesn’t really block *that* much:

I promise!  Those little ants down there are MadBum and Buster!  See?!
261SuperFarV 261SuperFarH

And yeah, though it was pretty darn cold (and high) up there, and the pole stole some of the view from us, it’s never a bad time (or seat) when they win.

This was all in all a pretty good experience.  Now I know what the seats in that area of the ballpark are like, and I’ll buy (or not buy!) my tickets accordingly.  I’m glad the one and only time I’ll sit in these seats, they weren’t full price, and our boys did get one for the win column.  Let’s go, Giants!!!


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