Sampled Bahamian Beers (250/366)

250BahamianBeersTop“Truly Bahamian Beer”
~ Bahamian Brewing Company


Well, yesterday we arrived here in the Bahamas, and had a lovely evening enjoying the scenery and local food – which is an interesting mix of familiar American fare, more expected “Caribbean” cuisine, and surprisingly, Greek food!  This is due to Grand Bahama Island’s varied history of not only different countries’ occupations, but also different cultural settlings and entrepreneurial ventures among the islands.

It’s super hot here right now, and how better to bet the heat than to try some Bahamian brews!  The two main contenders here are Kalik, brewed by the Commonwealth Brewery (a partnership established in 1986 between Heineken/Guinness and the Associated Bahamas Distillers and Brewers group) – the oldest and largest brewery in the Bahamas – and Sands, brewed by the Bahamian Brewery Company, the first 100% Bahamian brewing company, which came onto the scene around 2007.  Both beers are light and refreshing (which is definitely welcome in this heat!), and come in at about 5% ABV (Kalik at 5%ABV and Sands at 5.3%ABV).  I had these beers with lunch.  Nice!

250Kalik2V 250Sands2V

Strolling back to the hotel, we passed a store with a captivating window banner.  More Bahamian beers?  Yes!  Gotta catch ’em all!  We went inside and got a sampling.  Most were from the Bahamian Brewery Company, but I was excited to see another Caribbean beer, so picked that up as well.
250BahamianBeersV 250BahamianBeerBucketH

High Rock (5.6%ABV) is Bahamian Brewery’s lager, brewed according to the “German Purity Law” which states that the beer be brewed using only Malt, Water, and Hops.  This is kind of like Bahamian Brewery’s answer to rival Kalik’s parent company, Heineken.  Bush Crack (5.9%ABV) is a relatively new product, and it’s designed to give you more buzz for your buck (it’s cheap – the tallboy 160z. can it comes in is only about $1.75) – ha – in reading for this post, the website reads that this beer, “was created for a certain segment of the Bahamian market” and “is very easy drinking due to its light taste and has a higher alcohol content then most light beer” – can you tell which “segment of the market” this was made for?  The one that likes cheap beer with a light taste but not light alcohol content … and needs cans because they don’t break the way bottles do?  Hilarious!  Spring Break, guys!  Woohoo!!!  Ha ha ha – all joking aside, these were fine too.  Seriously, any nice, refreshing beer here is a welcome treat!
250HighRockH 250BushCrackV

But then came my faves, the stouts.  Royal Extra Stout (7.0-7.4%ABV) is made by Carib Brewery  which is also related to Guinness/Heineken (they’ve got their bases covered!).  Strong Back Stout (7.7%ABV) is Bahamian Brewery Company’s answer, and these are both tasty beers with deep, rich flavors.
250RoyalV 250StrongBackH

This was super fun – I had no idea the “truly” Bahamian brewing scene was so new.  I thought it was great to see so many different beers offered by Bahamian Brewing Company, and how they directly stand up to the offerings from the companies with big names behind them.  Support the local economy!  If you come to the Bahamas, don’t be afraid to do your own taste test.  Cheers!


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