Run the Presidio’s “Lover’s Lane” (230/366)

“Be brave, young lovers, and follow your star.”
~ Oscar Hammerstein II


Last year, Nick ran Lovers’ Lane as one of his INDTs.  To be honest, I was kinda bugged when he told me he had done it, because while I was more than happy for him to run it for the project (in fact, I had suggested it), I had really wanted to run it with him (he decided to run it during lunch on a work day).  I hadn’t ever even seen the trail, just heard that there was a stretch that was pretty brutal, which of course sounded intriguing to me.  Well, today I decided I’d finally get to run it too.

Lovers’ Lane has been around for literally hundreds of years.  In 1776, it actually ran from what was the Spanish Presidio all the way to Mission Dolores, which is close to our house (Nick ran from home to work too, which is almost like running another version of Lovers’ Lane!).  In the 1860’s, American soldiers took this route to go into town, many of course to visit their sweethearts, which is why it became known as Lovers’ Lane.

We actually started at Planet Granite, which is about a mile and a half away, near the water.  We jogged along the new addition of the 101 freeway by the Bridge.  It was pretty cool to see all the traffic below.  And what views!

Lovers’ Lane starts near where the Officers’ Club and Main Post parking lot/Parade Ground is, just past “Officers’ Row” where all the officers used to live when the Presidio was still a military base.  There’s a sign there that talks about the history of the area, and it was neat to look down the row and imagine what life must have been like back then – the houses still look the same.  But then, it was off to the trail.

The first point of interest along Lovers’ Lane is this beautiful little footbridge (built around 1885!), and just past that is a tent used by the Presidio Archaeology Program – no one was there when we went by today, but the group does great work furthering the archaeological study of the Presidio grounds and beyond.

There’s a sign shortly after you begin on the trail that tells about its history.  There’s actually a nice audio tour you can walk along with in case you don’t feel like jogging!

Then it’s basically all uphill from there.  I should have taken pictures while on the hill, but it’s deceivingly steep with no flat parts that seem good to take a picture from.  What I mean by deceivingly steep is that you can see almost the whole trail in front of you when it starts to get steep, and it doesn’t feel steep, but as you keep climbing, there isn’t really any big portion where it levels off.  If you’re trying to run the hill and stop somewhere along it (even if just to take pictures for the sake of your blog, ha!), you feel like you’re “cheating” since you’re basically stopping somewhere in the middle.  And when I say it doesn’t feel steep, I mean it’s not like a cable car hill or anything like that, but don’t get me wrong – your lungs feel it.  Ha ha ha!  Along the way, and at the top, you’re treated to some beautiful scenery though.

We exited the Presidio Gate.  From there, it was all [back] downhill.  Whew!

This was a really great run.  It was really cool to travel on the path that so many others have over the years, to enjoy the beautiful Presidio, and to jog some nice trails (and hills!).  What a gorgeous city we live in.  If you get a chance, you should take a walk or jog along this trail, or one of the many others in the city.  Land’s End is a great one, too!


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    Didn’t even know it existed. I learn a lot of cool stuff when I read your blog!

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