Run the Disneyland 5k (245/366)

245Disney5kTop“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”
~ Margaret Lee Runbeck


When N and I got married, some of our dearest friends and favorite people in the world (the same ones I made the Alice in Wonderland cake pops for) sent us on a mini honeymoon to Disneyland.  We had never been there just the two of us, and the Ks even put us up in the Disneyland Hotel, somewhere every kid dreams of staying (well, until the Grand Californian came along, of course).  We got to stay in one of the most magical resorts at the Happiest Place on Earth (and we’re not even half as into Disney as some of the people we know!). It was awesome.

On our first morning there, I noticed a sign in the lobby about the Disneyland Half Marathon that had actually just taken place while we were still snoozing.  I was bummed!  I like Half Marathons, and the thought of getting to run around the Disney parks in one sounded like so much fun!  I made a mental note of it, but we really don’t go to Disneyland that often (I’m not sure when the last time was before our “mini moon” trip!), so I ended up forgetting about it, until last year when my girlfriend M told me that her sister was running the 5k event that took place on the same weekend.  By that time, the registration was full, so I didn’t get to participate that year either, but this year M herself was going to run the 5k, so I thought it would be a great time to run my first Disney run (and relive our mini moon trip – the run is on Labor Day weekend each year)!

I was debating on whether or not to run the Half Marathon or the 5k – last year when N and I ran the Giant Race for the first time, we chose the 5k (there was a 5k, a 10k, and a Half Marathon) so that we would be sure not to miss out on any swag at the expo that was being held after the race – but then M told me that the Half Marathon course started in Disneyland and California Adventure, but actually was mostly in the streets surrounding the two parks.  Eew!  If I wanted to run in the regular streets, there are great races in San Francisco for that.  I wanted to run around IN the parks, not *literally* around them!  N and I chose the 5k.

Since Cars Land just opened this year, the 5k was called the Cars Land 5k Rally and ended in none other than Radiator Springs, which I got to check out yesterday for the first time.  Awesome!!!

Yesterday was the Expo for the race, and it was HUGE.  There were lots of great vendors there and cool stuff to look at and buy.  Of course, we didn’t stay long – we wanted to get into the park to get our first glimpse of Cars Land!  But the expo really was top notch.
245ExpoH 245ExpoDirV

And this morning, in the wee hours of dawn, there was even a pre-race warmup event for us.  Super cute.

The course was really cool.  It started in a parking area just outside the park (gotta corral all those people somewhere!), went through a bit of Disney backlot, and into Disneyland.  There were several characters on hand for photo ops along the way (we didn’t stop for many, since some lines were really long, but it was really neat that they had them).

The Mile 1 marker was in New Orleans Square, then we were on towards the Matterhorn.
245Mile1H 245MatterhornV

We ran through through Fantasyland and through Sleeping Beauty’s castle …
245CastleH 245CastleV

… through Tomorrowland, and to the Mile 2 marker.
245TomorrowLandV 245Mile2H
We exited Disneyland and went on into California Adventures park, and to Paradise Pier!  But we weren’t stopping there …
245ParadisePierH 245ParadisePierV

After a quick photo op at mile three, we turned the corner and saw the Finish line at Radiator Springs!  AWESOME!

This 5k was SO fun.  If you like Disney and you like running, I’d totally recommend making the trip down and doing a Disney Race (they have several in both Anaheim and Orlando!).  The race fee doesn’t get you a ticket into the park, but there are really nice discounts for tickets, and it’s just such a fun thing to be a part of.


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