Run a Race with My Mom (260/366)

260MomRaceTop“Insanity runs in my family … it practically gallops.”
Cary Grant as Mortimer Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace


If you know me, you know I like to run (and Nick and I actually ran the California International Marathon in Sacramento with our friend Laurie last year for part of Nick’s, the original, “I’ve Never Done That” year).  I used to run a lot more than I do now, but honestly, I got tired of the hassle and expense of the longer distance races (and because I don’t sign up for them much nowadays I don’t have an “excuse” to run long distances on my own – oh, the downward spiral!).  I still enjoy it when I get a chance to get out there, though.

Last year, Nick and I did the Giant Race for the first time (also as part of INDT 2011), and it was such a cool event, we signed up again this year.  Then I found out Mom had actually also decided to sign up for The Giant Race, too!  This would be her first race ever, and I realized that though Mom and I are really close, and do tons of things together, running a race had never been one of them!  This was gonna be awesome!

We had all signed up for the 5k, so that was perfect.

Mom had been a superstar fundraiser so on the morning of the race she (and we, her two guests!) actually got to go to a special pre-race event in the Field Club Lounge at the ballpark. Very nice!  They set the space up just for us with giveaways, yogurt, granola, and fruit; and we were even lead through a fun warmup session.  We were also allowed to leave our bags, change of clothes, and whatever else we wanted to in the lounge and they locked it up for us during the race.  Super cool.

Then it was time to run.  Off we went!  It was awesome seeing everyone in their Giants gear, all smiling, laughing, and having a good time.  And Mom was looking great, of course!  We couldn’t resist taking several pics along the way – can you see the Ferry Building down the street from us at Mile 1?

This is one of our favorite shots from the race.  Ha ha ha – so much fun!

One of the special things about the Giant Race is that you get to finish on the field, and actually hang out on the field afterwards as well.  And how cool is it that Lou Seal was there to greet us at the finish line?  Boba Fett and Lou Seal – BFFs!  Who knew?!  Ha ha ha.

There were a few *other* Giant personalities there too … do you know who this very well-loved former player is?  And do you see a small section of his legion of adoring fans following him (and snapping photos with their phones)?  Yes, that jersey’s legit – it’s J.T. Snow!  Swoon.

This was so awesome.  Running a race with Mom, and having it be the Giant Race – was such a fantastic experience.  If you’ve been thinking about maybe signing up for a run and you’re on the fence, get off of there and register!  You won’t regret it.  And if you need any encouragement, training tips, or a running buddy, let me know!  Together, we’re Giant.


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