Registered for the CrossFit Open (54/366)

“The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort.”
~ Colin Powell

As I wrote about yesterday, the CrossFit Open has begun, and the first WOD is being performed all over the world today. The CrossFit Games site keeps a leader board with scores from all the athletes participating, and the Open WODs are posted each week on the Games site and on Usually, Nick and I perform the Open WODs, but we’d never actually signed up for the Open; we always just kind of try to compare our scores with whatever’s been posted. We always figured we’d only really want to register if we thought we ever had a shot at making it to at least a Regional competition, certainly not the Games – but the only problem with not registering is trying to figure out how your standing would change based on your varied scores throughout the Open, as a really crappy score on WOD 1 would be affected by an awesome score in WOD 2 and so on. This year, I decided, “What the heck,” and thought I’d register for the Open.

The registration is pretty simple: you just input your information:

And enter your age, gender, and location, so they know what region to put you in for competition classification:

Pay the registration fee, and you’re all set! Now my embarrassing Open WOD scores will be posted for the world to see!

The neat thing about registering for the Open is that I’ll be more inclined to give each WOD my all, and maybe even repeat some if I’m not happy with my original score. I’ve never done THAT, either. Yuck!

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