Read a Magazine on my iPhone (214/366)

“I want a platform that, like a book or a magazine, I can carry into the bath or leave at the beach.”
~ Walter Jon Williams


I love my iPhone.  From the first time I ever heard of the concept in 2006, to the first teaser “Hello” commercial, to the time I got one in my hot little hands for my birthday when they launched in June of 2007, I have loved the iPhone.  It’s hard to believe it’s been around for 5 years now, and yet even harder to remember what it was like not having basically everything in your digital life at your fingertips (or even imagining what the heck a “digital life” would mean if it weren’t essentially rocketed into existence by the development of the iPhone).

I listen to music on my iPhone, I use a GPS app on it when I go for a run, I search the web on it, I’ve read books on it, and I even took a class on it a little while ago – but with a recent update, I noticed a “Newsstand” app that looked just like my iBooks app (which I use for saving and reading .pdf articles from the web) and today, I checked it out.

When I opened Newsstand, I saw the same bookshelf as I would in iBooks, only it was empty.  There was a message saying I could download periodicals from the App Store, so I clicked on the “store” button at the top right of the bookshelf.  In the Newsstand section, I checked out all the “free” offerings.  Just like in the App Store, when you click on something you’re interested in, you’re brought to a page that has a more detailed description of the item.  Cool!

The bummer of this “free” section is that a lot of the regular magazines are really not free.  You can download the free “app” for the title, which means it will appear on your Newsstand bookshelf, but then you actually have to have a paid subscription to download issues.  Weak!  I looked for the truly free magazines – ones from stores, mostly – and found the “Lowe’s Creative Ideas” magazine.  Nice!  I downloaded it, and then checked out the different issues available.

I downloaded the latest issue.  Cool, it was just like a normal magazine (only smaller – ha!) – the first page listed all the stuff in the issue, and when I clicked on the feature I was interested in, I got to go straight to that story, and flip through the pages like I’ve done with magazines on the computer – only I literally got to flip the page with my finger since I was using the iPhone – instead of having to find where on the page I needed to click with a computer (Corner?  Side?  Boo!  Thanks, iPhone!).

The only thing was that in this “Cut from the Same Cloth” article, there was a facing-page layout that I couldn’t appreciate properly by just flipping through pages.  A quick flip of the iPhone itself though, and woohoo!  Full view in landscape mode!  This was great!

I love being able to carry magazines in my iPhone!  I hate bringing bulky things around with me, and worse yet realizing “I don’t have that paper/catalog/magazine I saw that thing in” when I get to the store.  While I understand what Mr. Williams is saying in the quote I chose for this post, I’ve never been super comfortable with carrying anything made of paper into the bath or leaving almost anything at all at the beach anyway – books or magazines included – but the ability to carry these around in my pocket everywhere trumps the bath almost any day.  Now, if I could just get an outstanding waterproof case …


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  1. Ying says:

    You brought out some valid points about the advantages of the technical tool over the conventional paper magazine. Thanks.

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