Published an Entire Post Using The iPhone (212/366)

“The iPhone is the most sophisticated, outlook-challenging piece of electronics to come along in years. It does so many things so well, and so pleasurably, that you tend to forgive its foibles.”
~ David Pogue


I’ve been working with WordPress for a little while, and I’m still figuring some things out. We’ve downloaded a very basic off-line editor and the iPhone app, but mostly I work using the web-based setup. While it works pretty well, sometimes I don’t have my computer with me, and about half the time I’m taking pictures for posts using my phone, so I usually have the pictures I need for a post with me, but I don’t have my computer.

I’ve used the mobile app to make short edits or enter copy when I think of something I want to add so I don’t forget it, but today I wanted to try publishing an entire post just using the iPhone to see how it might work.

The oldest unpublished post I had to write was about depositing a check via a mobile app – hey, pretty fitting subject! I wrote up my text, and knew I had screenshots for pictures, since they were taken with and would be right here on my phone.

I started by finding the most prominent screenshot, the homepage to the banking app I was using. I brought it into the free app Photoshop Express, and I cropped it to be closer to a landscape shot than the normal, iPhone portrait/vertical screenshots. Ta-da! I had my cover photo. But in the mobile app, you see all the elements as code, instead of pictures and text – it can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with HTML (I know a small amount of this web development code).

I was even able to add links where I needed them – those were relatively easy. For example, I wanted to post a link to the Wikipedia page of the person I quoted, so I copied and pasted his name into a Safari search (on my phone), copied the URL, and used the “link” button to enter the info. Once the link is created, you see the code in the page too, so again, it can seem kind of clunky, but if you’re at least a little familiar with HTML or coding, it’s not too bad.

I also wanted to put two vertical screenshots next to each other, but when I tried to add them, they wouldn’t stay on the same line, even though there was plenty of room for them both to fit. We had figured out a fix for this problem on the web-based app – the photo(s) to the left has/have to specifically be “left-aligned” for the other picture(s) to show up next to them on the same line. There aren’t alignment or justification tools in the mobile app, so I looked at the pictures’ codes and tried changing the left one to “alignleft” instead of “alignnone”. Yay, that worked! Except the pictures weren’t even. I looked at the code again and tried removing the tags that looked like “carriage returns” or “line breaks” (the <br> code tags) between the two pictures to see if that would correct the weird picture behavior, and it did! Woohoo!

After all my changes were made and I was happy with the preview, I got to publish my post! YES!

Ugh! Okay, so after the post was published, I realized that I hadn’t selected a “featured image” to show up on the blog list (pictured above). I tried to figure out how I might be able to designate the top picture as the featured image, but I couldn’t do it in the mobile app. Argh! But I was determined to finish this post completely on the phone.  I went onto the WordPress site using my iPhone’s Safari browser, and trudged through that to make the changes I needed for my featured image.

Finally, everything came together and I got to mark that post off as DONE. Although doing an entire post on the iPhone was kinda frustrating (and like I said, a bit CLUNKY), I’m really glad I did this – now I know more about writing posts on the iPhone and how the different pieces work. WIN!


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  1. Ying says:

    You’re gettiing to be ever more of a techie now!

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