Played “Buster Bash” (219/366)

“I think it’s fun more than anything … I don’t really have any goals or expectations about the game other than I hope people really enjoy playing it.”
~ Buster Posey, on “Buster Bash” for iOS


“San Francisco Giants catcher and rising pro baseball star Buster Posey has become the first major leaguer to launch his own mobile game with the release of Buster Bash for iOS.

Like the other small handful of athlete-themed mobile games (Mike Tyson, football star Chad Johnson and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo have all launched their own over the past two years), Buster Bash doesn’t play like a traditional sports video game. Out are dramatic announcing and gameplay meant to simulate actual sports action. In are cartoony graphics, a whimsical premise and Angry Birds-style simplicity.

To play Buster Bash [iTunes link], you swipe the screen of your device with a finger to launch homeruns against a virtual pitcher. As you increase in level, you trace Posey’s career path from a Wiffle Ball-belting tyke in Georgia to high school All-American and all the way through college to the pros.”


Buster Posey has a smartphone game!  This is so awesome.  I was just catching up on some technology news and came across Mashable’s article about the new game this morning.  I of course immediately downloaded it … and then did *almost* nothing productive with the rest of my morning.  I mean, I DID collect hundreds of sunflower seeds and I “upgraded” my mini Buster with equipment and gear from the game’s store.  That’s gotta count for something.

There are five levels in Buster Bash.  You begin in Buster’s backyard, and you have “Scouting Objectives” to achieve before you can unlock the next level and move on.  It’s pretty funny that Toyota and Under Armour sponsor two of these levels.

As described in the article above, you play by “simply” swiping your finger from left to right to hit the ball thrown to you by the cyber pitcher.  While the controls are simple, hitting the ball isn’t always that way.  If your hit is too much under the ball, you pop it up – if too over, you hit a grounder.  The goal is to get home runs, as determined by your surroundings.  In Buster’s backyard, you want to get it over the nearby barn.  I love how the sign behind the pitcher points to “Turkey Farm Rd.” – hilarious!

As the ball sails through the air, you gain whatever it touches: sunflower seeds are used as currency, and if you collect a baseball, you get an additional pitch (you begin each level with 10).  Seed clusters get you extra seeds!

Your seeds can be used in the store to buy Buster new gear and equipment.  Different items boost his power or contact skills.  He starts out wearing a red cap, a white tee shirt, and navy blue shorts.  Sure, they probably went for the generic “All-American” look, but those are Braves colors too – and though he’s from Georgia, Buster is a San Francisco Giant … I just had to collect enough seeds to get him his orange shirt (but not before getting him a better bat, shoes, and batting gloves).

The  Toyota-sponsored level’s – the “Hit It Here!” sign is pretty funny.

Pretty funny, that is, until you realize it’s the main obstacle separating you from making home runs in this level.  The second level is markedly more difficult than the backyard level, which either makes you go back play the first level a bunch of times to get more seeds so you can upgrade your Buster to be able to do anything decent here, or they of course give you the option to *buy* more seeds (or earn them by signing up for marketing offers from participating companies).  Since I avoid spending money for OR in apps whenever humanly possible, I spent a LONG time back in Level 1 getting enough seeds for Buster’s upgrades.

This is a cute, simple, fun game.  If you’re a Giants fan, you should really download it.  Buster Posey – first MLB player to have his own iOS game.  How cool is that?  A warning though – this app is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) … that is, if you download it at work, you may not get anything else done for the rest of the day.  Let’s go, Giants!


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  1. Ying says:

    Subtle product placement…

  2. Ying says:

    I need a lot of practice… =(

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