Owned a Garden Gnome (171/366)

“He’s a figment of your imagination. He’s not there, but he is. And you respect him.”
~ Brian Wilson


I’ve never understood the garden gnome thing – why people actually buy them and put them in their yards.  I mean, I knew the practice originated in Germany, so I’d expect to see them there (or in the yards of people here with German heritage), but I just never really got why they had such a cult following.  There are hundreds of different types of gnomes you can get – there’s even a site called GnomeFrenzy.com that has almost every kind of gnome imaginable.  Crazy!  Granted, I’m the type of person that probably wouldn’t ever put any kind of figurine in my yard in the first place, so maybe the concept is lost on me.

But that didn’t stop me from being ridiculously excited when they announced that one of the giveaways at AT&T Park this year would be a “Brian Wilson Gnome” – oh man, how awesome.  A chance to have my very own crazy garden gnome, and for that gnome to be in the image of one of our favorite, and probably the craziest baseball personality ever to play the game.

A friend of ours has season tickets, and with that comes the option to buy a package that includes most of the giveaways for the season.  I needed to buy that package.  I needed that garden gnome (and I hate waiting in crazy long lines and worrying whether or not they’ll run out before I get my “freebie” – giveaway day tickets are generally more expensive than non, so you’re still paying a bit extra … to stand in a crazy line and get a trinket).

Well today, my first package of promos came, and in it was my much anticipated Brian Wilson gnome.  I eagerly (yet gingerly) opened the box and inspected my prize.

So adorable!  And so awesome.  I don’t know who came up with the idea of making B-Weezy into a crazy, black-bearded, sunglass-wearing garden gnome was a freaking genius.  Tiny little stout Brian Wilson.  Looking like the Terminator of garden gnomes.  Make no mistake, this little guy means business.

I love my very first (and more than likely *only*) gnome!  Perfectly weird for Brian Wilson, totally hilarious, and super cool.  Never thought I’d own a gnome, but so excited to have one now.

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  1. syingchew says:

    I think I saw him hanging around my balcony too!

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