Made Lamb Burgers (324/366)

“The ultimate burger for me is actually a lambburger.”
~ Ted Allen

We had the kids this weekend, and when J&G came to pick them up, they brought with them a thank you gift of some very lovely Marin Sun Farms 100% Grassfed Ground Lamb. Awesomeness!

Mom had some mint and parsley she wanted to use up, so she found a recipe for lamb burgers and I made them for dinner for everyone tonight.

I started by adding the chopped mint, parsley, and seasonings to the super fresh lamb. I mixed this all together and the greens looked so pretty with the beautifully pink lamb.

I formed the mixture into patties and started them in the pan.

I wasn’t sure if lamb burgers would shrink more than beef, but these seemed to cook similarly – it’s mostly more about the fat content, I’d think. After a bit, I flipped them. We had some Swiss cheese we thought would go good on the burgers, so I added that after the flip. YUM.

Mom made theĀ Tzatziki, and we had some leftover arugula salad from JW’s birthday (when I made that yummy risotto). We also sliced some red onion, and topped these burgers righteously.

These were absolutely wonderful. I love lamb, and lamb burgers are such a great treat. I can’t wait to make these again. Thanks, J&G!

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  1. Ying says:

    Thanks, Jay and Genevieve, for the great gift, and Jenn, they were the best I’ve ever eaten! More lamb, more lamb, more lamb!

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