Made an Animal Cakepop (142/366)

Animals are such agreeable friends … ”
~ George Eliot, “Mr. Gilfil’s Love Story”

As you might have read in my recent post about using a cakepop pan, I’ve taken on the unprecedented task (for me) of making a pretty large number of cakepops for my cousin’s baby’s first birthday.  While I’m super excited to have been asked, and definitely happy to do so, this is also very definitely a challenge for me.  I was asked if I “could do animal shapes?” and “Uh … sure!  YES!”  I thought, although I’d never done them before.  Well, today I completed my first animal cakepop.  CakepopS to be more precise.  I’ve started cranking them out, but I’ve still got a LONG way to go … but I’m goin’!

The animal shape I went for today was a lion.  I got the design from the Cake Pops book by Bakerella, and thought not only would these be cute, but they’d be yummy with chocolate cake inside (the candy melt is peanut butter flavored, and the mane is made from peanut butter chips).  After making the chocolate cakeballs, I dipped one in the peanut butter candymelt.  After the candymelt on the pop had set, I dipped peanut butter chips, one by one, into the rest of the melted candymelt and made a mane out of them on the pop.  It took a little trial and error to figure out how to keep the mane in a straight line around the pop (the trick is to turn the pop sideways after placing the first chip and line the remaining ones up with the stick).

After I had a mane on my lion, he needed facial features.  For the nose, I cut brown Reese’s Pieces in halves.  This is pretty tricky, as the candy shell on Reese’s Pieces is delicate, and it flakes off kind of easily when you try to cut these.  I found that cutting these with the aim of splitting them (letting them kind of split on their own, instead of trying to cut all the way through) was the best way of doing this – there are still gonna be messed up ones, but those go to the chef, so it’s okay.  I used a toothpick to apply melted candymelt to a Reese’s Piece half, and gave my lion his nose.

Next, he needed eyes.  Using the toothpick and candymelt method, I applied white candy confetti to my lion face.  Now I had a “Lion of the Corn.”  Creepy!  But, a food color pen fixed that pretty quickly.  Some beady eyes and a smile made this face super friendly and so cute!

Well as you can guess, I didn’t just make the one.  I’m building an army. 

A sweet,


cakepop army.

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