Made an Alice in Wonderland Themed Cakepop Set (172/366)

“We’re all mad here.”
~ The Cheshire Cat


I did it!  I’ve designed and completed my very first cakepop theme set.  *Applause*

I made this set for some of our very favorite people in the whole world.  In creating this set I used techniques I had never used before, like working with marzipan, doing swirl-dipped cakepops, and painting with luster dust.  While things didn’t turn out perfectly, I think they look pretty good!  Here’s a little bit of my process:

I needed to do 40, but I always try to make extra, just in case something goes wrong with one of the pops.  I decided on five different designs: the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter’s top hat, teacups, cards, and of course, the Cheshire Cat.  Once I had my subjects, I shaped cakeballs for them, nine of each shape.

I used marzipan (for the first time) to create the extra pieces I’d need to finish each shape: brims for the top hats, size cards, and handles for the teacups.  After they dried, I painted them with food coloring.

I practiced (have not perfected) my swirl-dipping abilities, and used luster dust to create more opaque effects on the cakepops, with a cleaner and nicer looking result (food color pens are just horrible, in my opinion).

I had already made bunny cakepops when I did my cakepop safari a few weeks back, so I just needed to make these bunnies look more like the white rabbit from Wonderland.  Giving him his signature “worried” look and glasses did the trick, and the teacups were pretty easy.  After dipping them, I attached the dried marzipan handles, decorated them with candy confetti, and sprinkled some gold sugar “in” the cup for the tea.  I thought about doing marzipan saucers, but I decided against it – these cakepops were being shipped to another state, so I was worried about too many additions to them.  I think if I do teacups again, I’ll do saucers for them; it just completes the look.

The cards were fairly straightforward – I painted the numbers on the faces and made sure there were a few from every suit.  The backs were a little more involved – I wanted them to look like playing cards so I did a crosshatch on them, and then created a logo to put a personalized touch on them as well.

The Mad Hatter’s top hats were fun, but frustrating.  To attach the brims to the hats, I used a pop stick to make holes in the center of each brim.  My plan was to dip the hat, slide the brim up the stick, and let the melted candy glue the brim in place.  I realized AFTER the brims had dried (which took several days) that I had curled the sides up too close, and when I attached them to the freshly-dipped hats, the candy melt would kinda smoosh over the brim in spots.  I needed the brims to connect pretty much flush with the bottom of the hat, but the sides didn’t make that easy – and at times I was worried I’d push the whole hat right off the stick!  I ended up having to “break” the curls a bit – I realized that was okay since they’d still be stuck on by the candy melt, and if there were any visible cracks in the finish, I could paint over them.  Shortly after attaching the brims (before the candy melt hardened), I also attached the size cards.  Cute!

And here’s the full lot:

This was really fun.  The pops had to be done in a short window of time for me (I had a trip I was returning from the weekend before I wanted to ship them out), so it was a little crazy.  I could have tried making them further ahead of time and freezing them, but I kind of feel like creative things should have a certain energy to them – the little bit of pressure I think gets the creative side of the mind going – and things are more fluid and maybe even inspired, instead of calculated and mechanic.

I truly and thoroughly enjoyed making these cakepops.  All this work and care was just a small symbol of our love, sent across miles to be with our wondeful friends, for a special Wonderland day!  Happy Birthday, Alice!

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