Fashioned a Felt Rose (340/366)

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”
Claude Monet

For yet another holiday decorating project I’m working on, I had to make a rose out of felt.  I thought of just trying to cut out a silhouette shape, but I wanted it to be a little cooler than that, so I decided to look up other options.

I found a post on felt rose topiaries from (thanks, Alison!) – I had hoped making felt roses wouldn’t be too difficult, but I didn’t realize they’d be this easy!  I got to work.

I cut a jagged circle of felt – the instructions state that the circle doesn’t have to be perfect, which is good for me (ha!) – but I also actually wanted to see if I could try to make my cuts a little “pointier” in parts, to mimic the edges of rose petals.

I started on the outside and cut the circle into a spiral shape, still cutting a bit jagged to try to add petal points at various places along my cuts.

When I was done with the spiral, I began shaping the rose from the inside-out.  The instructions have you hot glue along the way, but I actually want my flower to be flatter, so I didn’t glue the layers.  I wanted to be able to adjust the “petals” after forming the rose as needed; I’m going to be gluing the whole thing down together after I’m done.

And voilà!  A felt rose!

Again, I really was surprised at how easy this was – but it’s so pretty for having been just a jagged circle of felt a few moments ago!  Felt sheets are super cheap at craft stores (under 5o cents each), and this technique is so simple, you can make all sorts of cool stuff this way!  Attach to gifts, on hair accessories for kids, or tons of other things.  This is a really affordable way to make something just a little bit more fun and special.  Awesome!

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  1. Ying says:

    You’re getting very crafty…

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